Build Your Band’s Site is BACK!

As folks who subscribe to our newsletter found out last week, I’m rolling out a new batch of “Build Your Band’s Site” conference calls in October.

If you’re one of the folks who approached me at 2NMC and wanted to know just the basics about getting a site up and running,this is the workshop for you.

Our October call schedule:

Mon., Oct. 11, 2004: 7pm ET
Topic: Essential Ingredients for Music Websites

Tue., Oct. 12, 2004: 9pm ET
Topic: Just Add Water: Use Templates For Quick Sites

Wed., Oct. 13, 2004: 4pm ET
Topic: Ups & Downs of Downloads

Thu., Oct. 14, 2004: 7pm ET
Topic: Adding E-Commerce

Fri., Oct. 15, 2004: 1pm ET
Topic: Backend Revenue

Remember that if you’re a member of IndieBiz, you get admission to these calls as part of your monthly membership. Just check on the IndieBoard for all of the call details. Everyone else, sign up while there’s still space available! A one-time fee of $24.95 gets permanent access to the member area and archived audio of all the calls.