We are GO for Podcast!

In the middle of the night, we activated some new features, thanks to our friends at AudioBlog and FeedBurner. Spinme’s RSS feed is now podcast-enabled!! What the heck does that mean? If you download a tool like iPodder and subscribe to our newsfeed, you’ll get any new classes or other audio blips I post to the site downloaded automatically to your machine (and/or iPod), effortlessly, so you can enjoy them offline.

Click the orange button to get started… if you’re running FireFox, it’ll know what to do (and if not, the link will tell you…)

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  1. EXCITING!!!!

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    Pods away

    Joe Taylor of spinme.com has a cool new tool – Podcast ready music business coaching – with this you can download Joe’s instructional conference calls to your portable mp3 player and listen when convenient.What a cool idea!Now I just need to figu…

  3. New podcast for working musicians

    Spinme.com is a site that contains daily news, tools & tips for working musicians, brought to you by Joe Taylor, Jr. He uses Audioblog.com and Feedburner together, and some other tools if I’m understanding this correctly, to produce a podcast.

  4. Music Business

    Podcasting for the Music Business

    Amy Gahran has a great entry to her blog called What Is Podcasting and Why Should You Care?. Amy says, “In a nutshell, podcasting is simply online audio content that’s delivered via webfeed. (Background: What’s a webfeed?) Think of it