Providence, RI singer songwriters wanted…

…for gig swaps with some of our clients. Identify yourself in the comments and get on a great bill!


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  1. I am a songwriter of twelve years. Willing to sell songs as low as $10.


  2. ricky Avatar

    i am a songwriter since the age of about 4 and willing to sell any song of mine as low as 10$ i can writer ANY kind of song you wish and i can have it writen withing 25 minutes after being told to do so…it would be a pleasure doing bis. with you anytime contact me at if you need anything


  3. Norbert Hasberger Avatar
    Norbert Hasberger

    I`m an austrian songwriter and would like to do some new songs with new people.So visit my page please,and take a look:-)

    Norbert Hasberger

  4. singer song/writer seeking management usa only