Get Health Insurance, Today.

David Hooper and I were talking about health insurance on one of our IndieBiz calls the other day, and he came up with a link to the company we were talking about.

You’ll hear me rant about this issue a lot this year. Lori’s medical bills have started to arrive, and we’re on the hook for only about $4,000. Without the help of our friends at Blue Cross, we’d have racked up over $200,000 at this point, just for the hospital stay. That’s not counting the rehab and aftercare.

If you’re feeling stretched financially and insurance doesn’t seem feasible, I’ll have tips on increasing your income and reducing other expenses over the next few weeks. But you can get reliable, catastrophic insurance for under $50 per month. It will either be the best money you spend this year or the most wonderful thing you didn’t get to use.