Today’s happy fun e-mail tip.

So if you are in a band and you spam everybody in the industry (including yours truly) with a "look at our site" message and someone somehow actually wants to respond to you, why would you ever send it from a noreply@… address and then have no contact info on the site? If you’re gonna be boneheaded, at least be only halfway boneheaded about it!

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  1. David Hooper Avatar
    David Hooper

    Hey. Look at my site.

    Just kidding…

    This is like the folks who just go through Musicians Atlas (or any of the music business databases) and spend good time and money just to add something else to our landfills. But they think it’s fine because they don’t see the costs.

    Knew a band who did it once and ended up losing their email account. And the site they were promoting was shut down too.

    What’s the cost of that?