Holy Flood O’ GMail!

Like a lot of other folks, I got me FIFTY Gmail accounts to give away. A few clients have asked me what I love about Gmail. First, it’s superb that, when I’m on the road, I can pop into any Kinko’s or Schlotzsky’s and be up to date on e-mail. Second, when I had to go off the grid for three weeks while Lori was sick, all that e-mail stacked up so I could start tackling it when I got back — nobody got "mailbox full" messages. (Wait, was that a good thing that I had 1,700 pieces of mail waiting for me?) Anyway, for anybody that works on the road, this thing is a must. First fifty folks posting in the comments get invites.

13 responses

  1. I want me G-Mail account! 🙂

  2. sounds interesting…

  3. Kelly Bowen Avatar
    Kelly Bowen

    sounds GREAT!
    I’d love one!

  4. Jerry Lembo Avatar
    Jerry Lembo

    Would be interested in test driving G-mail

  5. It would be wonderful if you could forward me one of your gmail invites. (Please!)

  6. Okay, PHATTEN my life wit’ a GMail account! Thanks Joe!

  7. Dee Harmon Avatar
    Dee Harmon

    I would love one, too! Thanks!

  8. help me with one..
    it wud b great sir

  9. noel harnden Avatar
    noel harnden

    would love to move two letters further into the alphabet, gmail, if you will..

  10. jeff padgett Avatar
    jeff padgett

    I want one too.

  11. I would love one!

  12. I would appreciate being invited to join Gmail, and appreciate your offer. Thanks from all us hard working indies…!