Great Shoes for Women Rockers?

One of our readers asked me today if we knew of any great shoes that look pretty/funky/fun on stage but are still comfortable for women to perform in… Being a rather fashion-challenged guy, I throw the topic out to you, dear reader, and implore you to share your fashion finds in the comments. 🙂


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  1. Here in L.A. a lot of my friends buy through mail-order at They have tons of different styles of shoes and the quality is much better than the typical leather boots you find on Melrose or in the so called “goth clothing stores”… you will look just as funky or deviant as you desire and still feel great in your shoes!

  2. I realize the URL got messed up because of the dot at the end, so here it is again:

  3. I wear sensible shoes while still lugging the PA and whatnot. Right before going on I’ll switch to whatever killer pair fits my getup. Sometimes I pack two pairs with different height heels and change between sets. That helps your back, too.

    Hey, and Dawn Upshaw, even took her shoes off in the middle of her recital in Carnegie Hall! She started talking about being more grounded and got some laughs out of the rather startled audience. And, goodness, her manicured tootsies looked good enough to eat!

  4. Dee Harmon Avatar
    Dee Harmon

    I hate to say it, but no, there is no such thing as comfortable, stylish shoes for women!! Thankfully, I’m country, so I wear boots most of the time. Occasionally,tho’ I will go on in heels, and then pay for it for the next few days.