CD Releases as Milestones

Thanks to all the folks who dropped notes or trackbacks about Slow Cooked Success — who knew that a quick post would have such a profound effect on so many people? What I love about it the most is that it’s spurring the conversation forward…

Michael Devers from Lone Star Music made one of those leaps, and he writes about how you can serve yourself well by planning your next three album releases in advance. I always tell my clients that I like to see them wait to cut a full-length until they’re making enough money from gigs to pay for the sessions. This way, you deliberately procrastinate to give yourself time to polish the songs and build an automatic audience., without sinking into debt for merchandise that takes a long time to sell.

As someone who sells records for a living, Michael understands what moves off his store’s shelves and why.  Absorb what he’s talking about, and you can give yourself permission to relax when you’re pounding out those first few demo tracks. This is a marathon, not a sprint.