The Roll Call

I’m a little run down today, so I thought we’d have some fun.

Before the site redesign, we used to have a little "bandroll" on the sidebar with links to bands that were readers or clients of ours. As grew, keeping the list got a little too time consuming, so I had to let it drop.

So, today, it’s time to put your own little plug for yourself or your band right here on the site. Use the comments link to tell us who you are, what you play, and where folks can find your stuff!

It’s the easiest free publicity you’ll get this month. 🙂

P.S.: I know about 2,000 of you look at this site every day, so don’t be shy, y’all.

UPDATE (6/10): Thanks for all the great posts so far. Remember that this Roll Call is for bands/musicians only. If you want to plug something else (directories, podcasts), hang tight for future Roll Call posts.


32 responses

  1. shane
    boston ma
    quirk/ indie rock band- the sanguine

    new record out june 21 on ramen factory records


  2. Hard-Hitting Acoustic Rock
    From Three Brothers
    Who Like
    Hard-Hitting Acoustic Rock.

  3. Funk v2.0.

    Life is short.

    Time is precious.

    Spend it happy.

    Carpe Funkis (Sieze the Funk).

  4. Lokata is a 4 piece heavy alt-punk from chicago, IL. Lokata’s 7 song LP “resolve” is due out this fall on deviant records. Our brand new website just went live last night! For a limited time only, we’re offering a intimate, live acoustic performance of “elipsis” to all those who want to keep up with whats going on with Lokata. \m/ See you soon!

    -JAe, Ed, Mike, Kyle

  5. Sunspot
    Power-Pop Hair Punk Rock from Madison, WI

  6. The Parkdale Hookers:

    Indie power-pop/punk from Toronto Ontario, we’ve been subbed to spinme RSS for awhile. We blog on issues of interest: P2P, podcasting, the death of DRM, copyright blunders, etc.

  7. if fiona apple and mel torme had a baby, it would probably sound like me.

    you can help me plan my next album by throwing your fav. obscure song my way or pitching your own songs.

  8. Indie-rock, lo-fi with a little Jesus and Mary Chain, Peter Murphy, My Bloody Valentine, Wedding Present all blended together into something new and exciting.
    Always looking for artists to collaborate with.

  9. Thanks for your good work, Joe. Much appreciated. And for the opportunity to write a few words about my music. My musical style blends world, folk and jazz. Adult contemporary. My performances, inspired by Maya Angelou, blend music, talk and poetry on themes such as my most recent show, called “Crossroads” – an artist’s intimate musical journey about overcoming challenges in pursuit of one’s dreams. Quotes:
    “Lewis has the big voice, she drew a spellbinding sense of rapture .�? The Chronicle Herald, Halifax, Nova Scotia
    ” Her music expresses something so deep in people’s hearts, so deep that people do not even know it themselves.” Liao Anli, Hong Kong, China

  10. Hi, my name’s Scott 🙂

    Scott Andrew
    Lo-fi acoustic pop superhero!

    “This is very very good. If you enjoy a Guster-esque, Pete Yorn type of song, this is on!” —

  11. I posted new photos from our most recent show held at Hard Rock in Old San Juan which was held on April 22nd. Check under the “News/Photo/Press” section for the photos and recent developments.
    There are MP3 song files which can be downloaded, record store links(CD Baby, Tower Records) and general information regarding the group. Come and visit us at:

  12. It’s Irish Music with plenty of pint-pounding, foot-stomping, dancing in the aisles, jumping in the air, and Axl Rose dancing. Oh, and the audience has fun, too!

    Traditional music in a unique packaging.

    Check out my blog, performance and road-trip photos, song lyrics, and more on my website.

  13. Adam Smale here:

    I’ve made a commitment right here and now, to not be a typical jazz musician and learn how to market myself a little bit…If pop artists can do it why can’t a jazzer?…

    Thanks Joe

  14. Australian pop (commercial sound but indie passion) artist with some newer jazz leanings! touring in Europe in August and September…organising now…big job!

  15. Passionate Industrial Rock.

  16. Multiple Sammie-award-winning NorCal band Las Pesadillas (“The Nightmares”) sound like Mozart joined the Dead Kennedys to play Pixies covers. They have mastered the art of the medieval Spaghetti-Western Gypsy surf song and feature a wild electric violin player.

    To see Las Pesadillas as Southpark characters:

  17. Phat funky jazz on the violin to elevate the total PHATNESS of your everyday groove!

    Also check out a new site I’m working on:

  18. art damage

    aggressively original electronic music ranging from industrial to lighter fare..

    mind music you won’t mind!

    celebrating our 20th anniversary!

  19. If you are ever in the Fraser Valley, you simply must check this band out. These guys are so much fun. Everyone is dancing all over the place and having a great time. They have really good songs of there own, plus they play all the best classic rock songs.If you are in to having a great time, go see the Woody James Band !!! Check out the site at

  20. The band plays old time fiddle music. Thats right, a grand master fiddler, Roy Crawford from Alabama, Nashville’s Charlie Cushman on banjo and guitar, ( Dukes of Hazard tv show background music, Dolly Pardon, all the stars in Nashville have Charlie on the banjo) and Terry Smith on bass.
    Hoedowns, hornpipes, waltzes, and polka’s are all here. Done in fine style, brought together for this one time recording.
    The site plugs the new Cd, Front Porch Fiddlin’ in Alabama, free full cuts, history of the band members, links to their sites with information on fiddle and banjo instruction, other music sites and much more.

  21. I’m Rick Cusick, playing soulPop in New York City. The palette of influences includes James Taylor, Marvin Gaye, Dave Matthews, and the music reflects these and life in the City. You can find me online at, or Wednesday nights playing on the east side of Manhattan.

  22. Jazz french horn/composer in Brooklyn, NY. Jazzmusic, Filmmusic, Dancemusic, Theatremusic, Artmusic…

    “Could the combination of a righteous rhythm, moving forward from one of four corners to another, and a compelling melody, side winding crab-like round one measure to another, make a compelling case for itself through an hour of shape shifting motion?”

  23. From the UK…

    “the sounds they create from acoustic guitars, featherlight vocals and mournful strings are ripped straight from the Book of Revelation: tales of pain, despair, hope and redemption … a songbook to die for”
    Logo Magazine

    .. it’s brody & quint

  24. Hey Joe,

    I just finished “More Gigs Now” over the weekend. It DEFINITELY addresses the questions I was asking while reading “Grow Your Band’s Audience.”

    I’ve been playing with my band, The Inferno Merchants, around our hometown of New York City and we’re just beginning to employ the Zone Strategy.

    I guess the biggest news lately is that digital distribution is starting to pay off for us. We’ve just been informed of sales on iTunes-UK and iTunes-Europe so I guess we’re now internationally known.

    When speaking with my bandmates, I now enjoy quotng Cliff from the movie ‘Singles’: “Guys, just remember that we are LOVED in Belgium.”

  25. Montreal, QC (Canada) drummer in a metal band called Tears From The Sky :

  26. — Paper or Plastic —

    Beatles meets Weezer, with Ben Folds-style piano rock.

    Packed our last Portland show in May with Geoff Byrd, who nationally is 20 spins away from having a TOP 40 record!

    thanks Joe!

  27. Hard Hitting Acoustic Rock

    by Three Brothers

    who like

    Hard Hitting Acoustic Rock

  28. Hey, love your newsletter! Very helpful! Please list my music site in the links section on your new website. I look forward to it. Thanks!

  29. Brian Donahue – Singer/Songwriter – “Chris Isaak meets Coldplay”

    “Soothing, intoxicating and poetic” 4.5 stars –

  30. Greetings from sunny myrtle beach, SC

    Hello out there,

    I’ve been vacationing with my family for the past week in Myrtle Beach SC

    It definitley doesn’t suck.

  31. Paula Benson Jazz entertainer/songwriter. 1st cd is title Najane which is a mixture of Jazz/R&B/Pop/Latin….Second cd will be cut 2006.
    Paula promoted by her Record Label Paul Anthony Ent Inc

    Have a great day.