Suggest future conference call topics!

Thanks for indulging me this week with all of these informational posts about our new members area. I wanted to point out one more benefit of membership – the ability to shape the topics we cover on our member conference calls.

Once you log in to your posting account, you can post a suggestion for future calls. I have already received some great feedback, and we will be scheduling some special calls around many of those suggestions very soon.

We’ll also feature some interview calls, where I’ll share some of your questions with prominent attorneys, talent buyers, booking agents, A&R professionals, and other folks that are often pretty hard to get on the phone.

You can think of our members area as a non-stop music conference that happens all year round. You can still join today for only $27 a month, but that price is almost certainly going up to $47 on Monday. Act now to lock in your savings, and your success.

One response

  1. Financial Management would be a good topic.