Member call registration is back online.

Thanks for your patience! Members can now register for this month’s members-only conference calls.

2 responses

  1. I had signed up earlier for today’s conference call at 4pm. I received a bridge and pin via email and dialed in at the right time. The automated voice said I was the only caller who had dialed into the session and no one ever picked up. I’m a little disappointed that I worked my day around this and would like to know what happened.

  2. Molly,

    Sorry I was out when you called. I had an unexpected family commitment that popped up, and required me to leave the office from 4-8:30. We sent out an apology/reschedule note to the folks who had RSVP’d, but it sounds like you didn’t get it, so I’m sorry for that. I hate cancelling classes, but sometimes life gets in the way of work — and we always reschedule in the rare event that it does happen. Hope we hear from you on future calls!