The ticking clock…

Membership dues will shoot up to $69/month starting on Thursday at 5pm… lock your discounted charter membership rate in right now, before my wife kicks my butt some more about not charging enough! Here’s the message we just sent to all of our newsletter readers…

Dear Reader,

I’m writing to you with one last special bulletin before I

resume our regular newsletter publication tomorrow. As I

mentioned last week, we launched a brand new members area on that allows you to get personal help with your

music career for a fraction of the cost of hiring me as a

coach or even attending an out-of-town music conference.

I’ve received some great feedback on the service so far, and

I hope to add even more great class topics and special

benefits very soon.

While I was on vacation last week, my wife, Lori, told me

that she liked the idea of offering a discount for our

charter members, but that I was simply not charging enough

for the service. When I got back to the office and started

plowing through a week’s worth of unread e-mails, I got a

note from my friend and colleague David Hooper. He

congratulated me on the launch – and told me that he thought

I was simply not charging enough for the service.


Lori and Dave are as different as two people can get. When

THEY agree on something, I’ve got to figure something’s up.

I think they’re right.

I think that you’ll be able to use the recordings and the

other tools in our members area to grow your audience faster

than ever before. I also think that I can do a better job

working with a smaller number of really committed musicians

than I can if we attract a whole lot of lookie-loos.

That’s why, as of 5pm on Thursday the 14th, our monthly

membership rate for the advanced tools and seminars at will go up to SIXTY NINE DOLLARS.

It’s still a bargain.

But I want to be fair. I promised a cheap rate for folks who

had the faith to join us early in this venture. If you put

off joining until now, consider this your final


Follow this link to take advantage of our discounted charter

membership rate:

If you make it to that link before 5pm on the 14th, you lock

in that rate for as long as you remain a member of the

service. If I go nuts next year and hike the price to five

hundred dollars a month, you’re still guaranteed the rate

from your signup form.

However, as clocks in Europe strike midnight tomorrow, the

offer will magically fade away and you’ll get stuck with the

higher rate. You’ll still get a great value for your money –

but think of what you COULD have saved!

Clock’s ticking.

We’re about to launch some really great programs to help

musicians just like you move to the next stage of their

career. This offer will NEVER re-appear, and my wife’s going

to make sure that we NEVER offer membership to

for less than $69 ever! again.

Save yourself some serious bucks and prove me right – join RIGHT NOW!


Joe Taylor Jr.

Author, Grow Your Band’s Audience


P.S.: Remember that you do not need a major credit card to

take advantage of our special launch promotion. If you’re

waiting for a paycheck, if you prefer to use PayPal, or if

you want to UPS us a big bag of shiny nickels, select the

OFFLINE PAYMENT option to lock in your discount rate – and

pay us when you can. (Just remember that you can’t enter the

members area or attend member classes until we receive your