Rock Star: INXS – Neal’s Out

The guys made the right call tonight. Neal just couldn’t pull off that INXS song. In fact, I doubt we’ll see any of tonight’s performers in the final. The big challenge here is that you’ve got some performers who are probably very strong at their own stuff on stage, but can’t plug themselves in to the INXS vibe.

Tara’s got a great Chrissie Hynde thing going on, and Jessica is possessed by some helldemon when she opens her mouth. Does she bark out espresso orders at her day job in that voice?

I’d love to see Ty or Heather take it to the finish — they’ve really honed the craft, but they also seem the most authentic of the bunch, as David Hooper can attest (in Ty’s case). Of course, you could always disagree vehemently with me in the comments…

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