spinme.com RSS feeds are live!

I finally fixed the RSS feeds for the members area, so you can now track all of our posts and comments through your favorite newsreader!

Public Feed
Podcast Only
Member Posts
Member Comments

(these links are live and active as of July 20, 2005. Replace any outdated feeds in your reader.)

For folks who are new to RSS, these links lead to feeds that you can use to grab automatic updates whenever we add new information to the site. Members can follow links through to their password protected posts and areas. Civilians can spy on the headlines to see what we’re gabbing about behind closed doors. Of course, you can join us instantly to learn what’s beyond those little sample snippets.

Here are some of our favorite feed-reading tools:
Windows: FeedReader
Mac: NetNewsWire
Web-based: Bloglines, MyYahoo!