Next month’s book club selection: Getting Things Done

Getting Things DoneEver since I started working personally with musicians on improving their income, I’ve noticed that 80% of my first discussions revolve around time management and task management. For years, I subscribed to the Franklin Covey school of prioritizing tasks. While I still believe in the "four quadrants," I love the way that David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done, overhauls task management for our century.

Most independent musicians would probably never think to pick up a copy of this book, since it looks so "business like." But the point of our little book club is to expose you to titles beyond the usual "success in the music industry" genre. So order your copy today — you can get a good used copy for about $7 — and get ready for our live members’ discussion call in September. This book really will change the way you handle your booking, your marketing, and your overall backend operations.