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For years, I have harped on clients to aggressively sell advance tickets to shows. PayPal makes it easy to collect a few bucks for low (or no) fee, but one of my clients mentioned that it was still tough to keep track of who has paid for multiple shows.

Enter MollyGuard. Can’t believe I forgot about these guys. I used their event registration service a while ago for some live events. Since then, the founders have done so well that they’ve eliminated the fees on their event management software. Amazing. And so simple.

Sign up for free at MollyGuard to start tracking your own PayPal-based advance ticketing.

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  1. Hey Joe, there’s an even better, free online ticketing company – you should check them out –

    They even handle customer service! All the benefits of MollyGuard (except for custom code for your site, which sucks)

  2. Also, you don’t have to “sign up” for a paypal account, which can be a huge turn off.

  3. Joe Taylor Jr. Avatar
    Joe Taylor Jr.

    That’s pretty cool, too. They’re very similar to, which we have used for some things. The only downside to a managed event service is that — most of the time, when using this strategy — you’re going to have to give the doorperson cash and a list of will-call names when you arrive at soundcheck.

    This could cause a cash crunch if you don’t get “paid” for a few business days after the event. PayPal may not be perfect, but you can get the cash in front of the event by direct deposit or ATM card, which could suit folks better.