Sharks circling in Orlando?

An indie artist’s manager makes some interesting allegations in this press release that a prominent Orlando radio program director guaranteed airplay on his station in exchange for points on a record’s major label re-release, plus $15,000 in advance. The manager’s attorney allegedly took one look at the contract and (wisely) advised their client to back away. Had the manager sought out legal advice sooner, they might have held on to the almost $4,000 they deposited on the deal. Read the detailed allegations for the blow-by-blow of how the deal was supposed to go down.

Remember, no one person in this business can make or break you. Have an entertainment attorney review any contract you’re considering, and don’t cut a check until you have at least a signed deal memo in hand.

Regardless of whether the allegations are true, the kind of story here is one I hear too often. If you build an audience first, you’ll be in great shape. If you rely on someone to sign you or shop you, you’ll be at the mercy of their whims for the rest of your career.