Rock Star: INXS: Elimination #7

Since folks have a tendency to ask me for these results even before I get to see the show on my Moxi, it sounds like Suzie’s getting love from the audience, and Ty’s tweaking the increasingly annoying J.D.: Rock Star: INXS: Elimination #7 Recap at TVSquad.

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  1. Okay, so why does make such a big deal about some Marty guy on the show covering “Hit Me, Baby One More Time?” I guess these folks reporting the news have never heard of a little band from Scotland called TRAVIS???!!!!

  2. Steve Busby Avatar
    Steve Busby

    i just want to say that i love the show and i would love to see Marty Casy win it all,but truly if he does’nt make it he is the 1 person that does’nt need INXS because he can form his own band and they would make it big!

  3. Steve Busby Avatar
    Steve Busby

    J.D. is too cocky too and i don’t like him at all it’s something about him i just can’t place it even though his song “pretty vegas” was pretty good it just would not be a good fit for INXS.