Helping Katrina’s Victims

Like you, I’ve been horrified at the gradual destruction of one of America’s most culturally significant cities. As musicians and writers know, New Orleans is about so much more than beads on Bourbon Street. It’s about jazz, and soul, and blues, and poetry, and so much more.

We’re joining a bloggers’ effort to help raise funds for the families affected by Hurricane Katrina. I have chosen to recommend Catholic Charities, not just because of my personal faith, but because they focus on the long term needs of disaster victims: housing, relocation, job retraining.

Although we see compelling images of rescues on the news, let’s not forget that over a million New Orleans residents sit in limbo — in houses, hotels, and on highways throughout the Southeast. Those folks — especially the artists, musicians, writers, and service workers without insurance — will need significant help in the long run.

Here’s my own bribe for you:

Follow this link to Catholic Charities. Make your donation of $10 or more, and forward your donation receipt (the one they will send you via e-mail) or paste the text of the thank you note on your confirmation page into an e-mail to:

If I receive your e-mail before 7am ET on Friday, September 2nd, I will reply with a free e-book of either Grow Your Band’s Audience or More Gigs Now. Just let me know which one you would like to receive in your e-mail. In addition, I will send you an invitation to a very special “open phones” conference call in September, just for folks who help us today and tomorrow. If you donate $75 or more, I will send you a link where you can schedule a private, 45-minute coaching session with me.

In addition, I pledge to donate 10% of all the gross sales of our paperback books and memberships from August and September to Catholic Charities. That way, all of our clients, customers, and members can participate in this fundraising effort.

Thank you for your help, and for your generosity.

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