EMI Execs: Just Hanging Out

Newsweek’s international edition picks apart the state of EMI, now the third largest record company in the world. What’s the master strategy they’re following?

Stay flexible and ready to react to the next completely unexpected thing that consumers want.

WHAT?! How do you a grow a company by sitting back and reacting to trends? Would you trust these guys with your career? Or even your retirement plan?

You’re a huge freaking media company, EMI! You have the power to shape trends, if you would give it a shot!

Instead of sitting around a table saying, “we’ve gotta wrap our heads around this Reggaeton thing,” why not invest in some old school A&R to cultivate the next Reggaeton?


You, the working musician, are doing these guys’ R&D for them.

UPDATE: Lefsetz has a more colorful reaction to the article.

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