Could Your CD Be the Next “Da Vinci Code?”

Bob Baker has unleashed even more of his most outrageous music marketing ideas, and one strikes me as having tremendous potential for the right artist.

Have you noticed the thread in popular culture right now that audiences love looking for clues? Look at how folks obsess over the numbers and the endgame scenarios in Lost. Sci-Fi fans in the UK puzzled all last spring over what the secret phrase “Bad Wolf” meant. And there are so many deep clues in the Da Vinci Code (which, to my shame, I still have not read), that the book actually has some folks convinced the whole thing is real!!

So, what if you added some mystery to your weblog, to your album release, or to your shows? What if you mapped out a puzzle that would take folks months to solve, and they had to put the pieces together by connecting your live shows to your website and your album? It’s an intriguing idea!!

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