Hanson Wants You to Stay Independent

If you had told me ten years ago that the country’s biggest proponent for an aggressive independent music community would be Hanson… I can’t even think of what I’d do.

Yes, it’s true. The boys are back, they sound great, and they’re touring campuses across the country to evangelize the power of running your own music business. Having gone through the major label wringer (they walked away from their Island Def Jam contract when the label told them their songs had no commercial potential), they’re launching their own projects to elevate the profiles of other independent musicians — offering compilation opportunities and opening slots along the way.

And don’t get them started about MTV.

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One response

  1. Ten years ago they didn’t exist! at least not as we know them. I just got this CD and I love it. And kudos to Hanson for doing it the hard way.