Who’s disrupting the market in your hometown?

In the presentation I give at conferences and seminars about hosting house concerts, I note that many music lovers (especially folks who are old enough to own their own homes) are getting tired of shabby rock clubs. Too often, I meet musicians that think that the club circuit is the only place for them to build a sizeable audience. Instead of just looking at the usual few stages that advertise in your town, keep your eyes peeled for the upstarts.

What coffeehouses and restaurants are shaking things up with live music? What places might be capable of increasing their business with some live acts? What house concerts are happening under your nose? Your core audience is probably already out there — just not always at the clubs where you think they are.

One response

  1. Absolutely. I believe house concerts are one of the most important trends in live music today. No frills – just your personality and your songs, and a deeper connection with your audience.