Athens House Concert Venue Gets Shut Down by Code Enforcement

I wrote about this in Host Your Own Concerts, but we’ve got an example of it here in Athens, where lots of folks host house concerts, backyard parties, and tailgates with live music.

House concerts typically work best in a controlled space, where you know at least half the folks on the invite list, and there IS an invite list. As long as you can consistently show that your concerts are private parties with guests that RSVP and no money falls into your hands, you’re fine.

If you aspire to be a promoter, rent a space with an occupancy license and insurance. Host bigger gigs at VFW Halls or rented auditoriums. Otherwise, you could be in for some trouble.

Despite their pleas for a local newspaper to leave them alone, some student journalists thought it would make a great story to talk up this unlicensed, underground concert venue and — yeesh — print its address in the paper.

Remember that low key = big fun! And that translates to excellent grassroots support for musicians.

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