CDBaby + Best Buy

Weeks are flying by so fast around here, and I realize I hadn’t even weighed in on the CDBaby/ mashup.

Basically, if you go wayyyy down here into the cellar of their site, there’s a “Browse CDBaby” button and a “Search CDBaby” button, not unlike what CDBaby’s other partners use.

Derek Sivers is the one person that could pull this off without thousands of folks jumping off ledges like lemmings. But does CDBaby’s search box at Best Buy mean that hordes of shoppers will start buying your disc?


It’s all about positioning. For them and for you.

You get to tell your fans that your disc is on sale at Best Buy, if I get the gist of this MPR article, intends to scout talent among top sellers to occasionally feature in stores.

While I’m not holding my breath for that to happen, it does tell me that Best Buy has a clearer idea of who they want their perfect audience to be, and that they’re looking beyond today’s numbers to a world where they cater to electronics consumers that aren’t necessarily buying every edition of Now That’s What I Call Music.

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