Happy New Year!

I had such high ambitions for putting together a great end of year wrap-up, but my clients have kept me so busy that I will have to leave you to your own devices — go ahead, use the date archives, and leave a note here in the comments about the post you thought you got the most out of this year.

I’ve lined up some great material for 2006, including a return of the spinme.com podcast, where I’ll interview some folks that are making it easier for working musicians like you to make money!

Finally, to all of my clients, readers, and advertisers, and to everyone else that has supported me this year:

Thank you.

If you just discovered spinme.com this year, you might not know that this is the one-year anniversary of my wife’s heart attack. 34-year-olds don’t have heart attacks that often, and hers was a symptom of a rare condition that is usually fatal. You can read about what happened at our “Sweet Heart” weblog.

During her recovery, I had to make a lot of hard decisions about where to take this business. We stopped doing a lot of things and started doing others. I pissed some people off, because I set some hard boundaries around who I would and would not work with. Other folks reminded me how cold and uncaring this music business can be when they refused to understand why I would put my family relationships before work.

And over the course of the past year, I have also rediscovered why I am involved in music in the first place. The folks that stuck with us — the truly talented, unbelievable, creative souls that saw us through our crisis — remind me every day that we each have something to contribute. Thank you all for refusing to let me give up, and thank you all for walking the talk with me and letting me earn a living by following my own passion.

I know that we’re all going to see some fantastic dividends from your investment in 2006.

In the meantime, Lori and I celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary next week. In addition to the usual holiday visits, we’re dropping off the grid for a few days to celebrate the fact that we’re still alive and still in love. That means no new posts until the new year, unless you count our Flickr stream.

Thank you for buying our books, joining our membership, coaching with me, or even just bookmarking this site. Your support really does mean the world to us, and I can’t wait to help you accomplish your own dreams in the new year.

Joe Taylor Jr.
December 23, 2005

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  1. Joe,

    Your post reminded me to wish you and your wife a happy holiday and New Year. I also want to say thank you for “Grow Your Band’s Audience,” a book that helped me a lot, although I am just getting started. And your single best post of the year was “Musician, Your Audience Needs You” which I passed along to a few artists I knew needed to see it.