Sometimes you win

About a month ago I posted about Scottish singer-songwriter Sandi Thom, who had had enough of the road life and decided to webcast her performances live from her living room. At one point she was drawing up to 200,000 viewers.

This week, Thom signed with RCA/SonyBMG.

2 responses

  1. Nice post, Scott. Not knowing the specifics of her contract, I can’t help but think getting into a contract with a major label might not be the best thing for her. Considering her unique situation, I’m not sure a large major label with it’s traditional marketing and distribution model would really help her to reach a large enough audience to justify the overhead. Especially if she’s burnt out on touring.

  2. Eric: I agree. I think the majority of hard work is still ahead of her. Maybe she was more burnt out on playing the coffeehouse and club circuit with everyone else than “touring” per se.

    The big lesson here, I think, is that it pays to try unusual things. She was able to get international press coverage with this approach. Very smart.