Fool me once…

It’s worth noting that Sandi Thom, whose webcast concerts from her basement caught the attention of RCA/SonyBMG last week, had a publicity company working the press angle.

That’s not to say her story isn’t legit or success is undeserved, but it kinda takes the wind out of the sails of those “made it big on the internet” stories, in my opinion. The implication that Thom’s success was unaided was pivotal to giving this story legs. I guess that’s exactly what it was: implied, but not entirely grounded in truth.

Update: agh, Coolfer scooped me, and with more details. That’s what I get for spending time outdoors last weekend.

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  1. […] Our version of Sandi Thom story seems to have caught hold with some of the major music sites crediting this site and it's readers to catching on to Sony's marketing tricks. […]

  2. Darn…and just when I got over believing in the tooth fairy. I was hoping I’d be the next person discovered via the wonder of the Internet. Very interesting post…

  3. Mitch Avatar

    yep. the Sandi Thom “webcast” is surely a scam considering no one knew anything about her and the press seemed to come after her 21 nights were already finished. I wonder if there is any real data.

  4. This subject has been pretty well explored, and the business-as-usual reality is quite apparent. There’s analyses @ – and the aforementioned chartreuse blog, and Velvet Rope++