Free Flash music players

For embedding streaming audio into webpages, I prefer to use a Flash music player. The main reason for this is compatibility; I don’t have to worry that the listener doesn’t have a particular audio player installed, and the Flash plug-in is installed in approximately 98% of browsers out there.

I’m not a Flash programming guru, but fortunately there’s a number of free Flash players out on the web. Here’s a list of free players I found today. (Warning: that page is translated from (I believe) Chinese; here’s the original version.) Some players are more configurable than others and have different features, so be sure to experiment.

And don’t forget: for that 2% of visitors who may not have Flash installed, be sure to provide a link to the Flash plugin download page.

In an upcoming post, we’ll review how to handle browsers that can’t/don’t support Flash, and some changes you may need to make to your Flash player in order for it to work in the soon-to-be-released Internet Explorer 7 .

4 responses

  1. The problem I have found with Flash players and music is that there’s always this “thrum thrum thrum” going on… pretty much completely screwing up the song.

    I thought it was just my computer until I heard it on my sweetie’s and one of my friend’s as well.

  2. Hm, I’ve never heard that thrumming myself, although I’ve heard weird things from streaming Flash players on occassion. It could be compression, bit rates, etc. but I have no real clue.

  3. I had a flash audio player developed which I had planned to sell, but I decided to give it away for free. has it for those who are interested.

    If you’re curious to how it works, look at the testimonials from By the way, the cruise is sold out. 🙂

  4. Link does not work anymore.. too bad because I need a fast solution.