As if we needed an excuse not to fly Delta

Lori had a horrible experience on Delta a few weeks back. I used to fly Delta a whole lot earlier in my career, but we mostly fly Airtran or USAirways these days. Still, it’s hard to see a once great airline suck so hard. They’ve squeezed every last centimeter of legroom out of the cabin. And now, it looks like Delta’s hassling musicians carrying guitars. Never mind the “Office Space” looking dudes with giant LCD projectors — apparently, guitars are now the scourge of the overhead compartments.

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  1. Agreed – we flew Delta last week and on the first leg the crew was rude, on the second the counter people were rude.

  2. I fly all the time and my experience with Delta has been that they’re as good as any airline. When people act like jerks, they’re treated like jerks in return. And when people are kind, they’re treated well in return.

    Wasn’t there for this particular incident, but I don’t think it’s fair to give the entire company a hard time because of one person. As she mentioned, there was also a very kind person who let her through.

    I just did a trip with Delta a couple of weeks ago. Found the crew to be very friendly. Had a flight which was delayed and saw them working like crazy to help people who were affected by it to get where they were going as quickly as possibly and make connecting flights.

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  3. Guess that makes me a jerk then. But seriouly, sometimes what you make of something is what you’ve made of it in your head before you start.

    What struck me about my personal Delta experience was the inconsistency of the treatment. The ground crew in JFK was awesome, and the flight attendants on the return trip were great. It was the flip sides that were grouchy.

    Sometimes people just have bad days, and take it out on others without thinking. It’s amazing.