Rock Star: Supernova — Night #1

Now that power and cable have been restored to the house, Lori and I can handicap this year’s Rock Star competition. Episode one just wrapped up, and here’s our view from the couch…
Lori: Good, but missing something. Love that she’s got a deep voice.
Joe: Strong, but maybe her look’s a little too polished?
Lori: Trying to copy the Goo Goo Dolls a little too much. He gets on my nerves.
Joe: Hard to see his own style coming out through this.
Lori: Should be in a boy band. Wants to be a male model?
Joe: A little too subdued for opening night, but worth another listen.
Lori: She’s a rockin’ chicky. I like her.
Joe: Really strong, but looks like she’s a little surprised to find herself there.
Lori: Magpie? Huh? Maybe a dinner theatre singer?
Joe: I agree with the “Vegas” assessment. A little too showy, and not in a good way.
Lori: Awful. Awful in a box.
Joe: I loved the premise of a Latina Evanescence, but it didn’t play out.
Lori: Don’t know about her, but I like her. Reminds me of Liz Phair.
Joe: Pitch?
Lori: His face doesn’t match his voice.
Joe: Great voice, but he looks like a guy I could see playing the student union’s open mic night.
Lori: BLEAH.
Joe: Feels a little forced.
Lori: She scares me, yet she rocks. She’s scary and fun. I like her.
Joe: The most authentic person in this group. Did she blink at all? I am afraid. I am afraid she’s going to leap out of the television and chew off my ear. Only one other singer has ever terrified me so. And is that her actual speaking voice?
Lori: She wants to be Shania Twain.
Joe: Is she sure she’s on the right show?
Lori: Alan Cumming could play a better rocker.
Joe: I feel like he could be showing us more.
Lori: Pint sized powerhouse, but she needs to change her look for this band.
Joe: Got a little screechy — if she can keep her voice from busting, she’ll have something.
Lori: I admire him for trying.
Joe: Oh, no. No.
Lori: I love Lucas. He’s comfortable in his own skin. He has attitude and I love it!
Joe: He could be this year’s Ty — great performer, but not right for this band.
Lori: I think it’s down to Scary Susan — I mean, Dilana — and Lukas.
Joe: I’d can the rest of the series and just hire Dilana. Show’s over.

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  1. […] I’m pretty psyched that Lori nailed the final two contestants from Rock Star: Supernova way back on opening night. At the time, I didn’t think Lukas was right for the band, though I thought he was a “great performer.” If certain rumors are to be believed, it could be that the band grew into him as much as he grew into the band over the course of the series. […]