Is BurnLounge a Ripoff?

I had a great conversation with a professional network marketer during my trip to Philly and the Jersey Shore. We agreed that the very best opportunities to make money require lots of hard work, but shouldn’t necessarily involve an upfront investment. There should be a clear path to profit for anything you get involved in, and anybody waving a huge signup fee might as well be waving a huge red flag.

That’s why I’m so concerned about BurnLounge. If you haven’t heard of them, they allow you to build a private label music download site. Some marketers have been hammering musicians to launch custom-branded download sites, and there are quite a few major label acts with their names or logos appearing above BurnLounge-powered stores. Depending on how tightly integrated your store is, you pay a fee that can add up to hundreds of dollars per year. In return, you get a few cents for every track someone buys from your site, plus a cut of the signup fees from anyone that builds their own store based on your referral.

Naturally, debate’s raging online about whether or not BurnLounge is a ripoff. The folks who got in early have been able to make some cash through signup fees from people in their downline. Folks joining now are running out of people to sign up under them. Customers, let’s face it, want music that plays on their iPods.

Instead of rehashing that debate, though, I want to just look at the math. Before Lori and I left Athens, I noticed a ton of flyers encouraging musicians to sell their own music (and other tracks) through Burnlounge. I can’t imagine spending a BurnLounge fee (starting at $29.95/year) just to do that, when you can sell your own music for free using PayLoadz and you can earn affiliate fees directly from iTunes for any tracks you highlight on your blog.

If you already have millions of page views on your band’s website, you might find a way to make money with BurnLounge. Otherwise, I think you’ll have a hard time selling enough MP3s to justify your signup fees.

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  1. Good info and definitely some things that I hadn’t thought about. You bring up a great point that you can (more) easily sell music via Tunes. So why not go with them if it’s really music that you want to sell? Hmmm…

    Don’t know that I’d call BL a ripoff, but it’s most certainly a Ponzi scheme…and one that has already gone under using the name Janglefish. has more thoughts (both pro and con) from me and others.

  2. Of course its a rip off! Ok I know you didnt want to spark debate. I find their marketing of “wanna be in the music industry” especially sleazy.

  3. I went to a Burnlounge meeting. I couldn’t believe that people were there and actually excited about this scheme. The up front fee was close to $435 . Then, you own your own store…but not only do you have to up front $4+, but you then have to convince others to buy their own store. And, if people buy music off of your store…you make like .10 cents.
    I walked away…no Store for me!

  4. sportdog Avatar

    ripoff, scam, pyramid, idiots, sleezy…are you serious? $444 is nothing! I spend that at Mortons every month. Business minded people are all over this at these levels. The music fanatics will jump in at $29…as far as iPods, so what, I remember when I bought the first Commodore 64…things will change. Sorry to see you guys putting so much time to talk down a profitable business model. Maybe you should take a look at yourself and see where all that skepticism and wasted energy comes from.

  5. 1. What do you mean “Running out of people to sign up under”? How many people do you think know about this?
    2. The biggest difference between i-Tunes and BurnLounge music is that you can convert and play BL Music on your i-Pod, but you can not play the i-Tune downloads on anything else!
    3. If you are already buying music, why not make money by selling it as well?
    4. Before long, BurnLounge will be offering Ring Tones, Video Games, TV Shows, Movies, Concert Tickets and much more.
    Would you rather join now or then….

  6. Amy Fillmore Avatar
    Amy Fillmore

    I predict Burnlounge will revolutionize the distribution of not only music but also ringtones, video games, movies, concert tickets etc. etc. Some people are skecpitcal of multi-level marketing and relate it with pyramid schemes. MLM is legal because it has a viable product that it distributes thru its retailers, pyramid schemes do not and they essentially ripoff the people at the bottom and are illegal. People can choose what level they want to get involved with Burnlounge, they can be a customer, a retailer, or a music mogul who essentially sales the business plan to other people. When your a music mogul it’s like you own your own record store and if you go into Burnlounge at this level you should anticipate putting some work into it because the rewards can be great. MLM is not a bad thing but it has unfortunately gotten a bad rap. Think of it like this, i-Tunes is one entity doing a lot of work and making a ton of money, Burnlounge is a lot of people doing a little work and everyone can make a nice amount of money. If you are buying music or are a music junkie why not get something back or even make a living at it? Its not that complicated.

  7. Melissa Avatar

    Do you work for i-Tunes? Your information is biased and not accurate. For instance, you can play any music you download on Burnlounge on your i-Pod with no problem. I love my i-Pod but I’m sure there will be something better soon plus, it really pisses me off that I can’t reformat any of the music I bought from i-Tunes unless I burn it onto a cd and upload it back into another program. That to me is a bunch of crap.

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  9. Hello all,
    let me start with some simple comments. First does anyone remember Amway? They are now called Quixtar. Amway was a cult/MLM company that used these simple principles.
    1. Pay prominent media, political, religious and other leaders to suport your product. They routinely paid Former Presidents (Reagan, Bush, Ford) to give speaches unrelated topics to Amway members.
    2. Make your ‘members’ sell to their family and friends.
    3. Large upfront costs and statements like this: ‘We reccommend that you purchase 100% of the Amway products so you can experience all the products.”
    4. The money is is reselling the rights to sell not in selling the product.

    Anyone catch on yet?

    Let’s change streams real quick and talk about real business. Marc Cuban has often said “that when meeting with business leaders you should always look for the sucker. If you can not find the sucker, then the sucker is you.”

    When doing business someone is always the sucker. Do you think the people selling you the $444 website are the suckers, or is it you?

    Now lets talk about how you could beat burnlounge at their game. Here is a plan! Start a website that attracts visitors such as ‘’ on this website you would place your affiliate links (which is free to you BTW.) Itunes currently pays 5% commission. pays 4-8.5% commission. And they charge nothing for you to join.

    You might say, “Shane I do not know how to make a website!” I say, I bet you have a cousin, uncle, nephew, neighbor, fellow employee or other person that would build you a killer website for $400. Dont you think, try asking around. It is what we business people call ‘research’.

    Never make business moves on a whim. Believe it or not, CEO’s got there through knowledge and rarely due to who they knew. It was what they knew (or B.S’d themselves in to believing they knew.
    Thank you,
    M. Shane

  10. I’ve never heard Cuban’s quote before, that is great. Sounds like something my Dad would say.
    I’m actually in web site limbo. I had to fire my designer cause it took him five months to accomplish what he did. Anyway, I’m not familiar with Burnlouge beyond the name. But sounds like I should avoid them.

  11. Honestly, I am disappointed that the author of this article has the means to publish material without full disclosure. Had the author fully researched the business model of BurnLounge, Mr. Joe Taylor would have realize this is the only company in the world monetizing the band-to-fan relationship. Yes, you CAN put your stuff on Itunes – and you SHOULD! You should put your material EVERYWHERE! But name one company that allows the fans to profit, along with the band, everytime the band sells an album. Of course, you could ignore BurnLounge, and continue to have your fans work for FREE without compensating them with anything but a tshirt or pat on the back. But you COULD have your own BurnLounge, and then have a 17 old boy (passionate about your music) open up his own BurnLounge off of yours for $30. Now, that fan will put your music on the front of his store. Everytime he tells someone about your music (something all of us do, our entire lives – tell people about entertianment that is good) and someone downloads – the band gets 50-70% on the dollar. The fan gets points or cash towards downloading more music, ringtones, video games, concert tickets, movies – whatever he wants! And there is no piracy involved! Itunes will never PROACTIVELY seek indie content – I have a band called They are PHENOMENAL. I am passionate about how good they are. Itunes turned them DOWN. BurnLounge only listens for the quality of the recording – not to judge the marketability. They just sent into BurnLounge. In 3 weeks they will be in the database. I will have my entire team of 60 stores listen to their music. When they refer their friends to download it – the band gets notice, and paid. We get paid, and it’s a win/win/win. Itunes is great – they have been around for years, but don’t forget – the purpose of Itunes was to SELL the Ipod. Not to promote indie artists. Take a sec and Google Coffey Anderson. See what BurnLounge did for him. Google the latest MP3 players – Verizon’s Chocolate, Nokia’s N9, Blackberry’s Pearl. The future will see a shrink in the Ipod marketshare. I have no doubt it will still be around. But would you rather carry an Ipod AND a cell phone? Or just your cell phone that does everything? Think about it. Also, look at Apples previous experiences: Apple II (FIRST HOME COMPUTER – went from about 65% to 5% in three years); Newton (THE FIRST PDA – 100% to 0%); IMac (THE FIRST SEXY COMPUTER – went up to 25% then back down to 5%); iPod (THE FIRST SEXY DIGITAL MEDIA PLAYER – 80% and we’ll see?) This information is all out there to read. Truthfully, many of us in BurnLounge are too busy making money to counter underinformed postings. The saying goes, “Those that say it can’t be done, should interrupt those doing it.” I have another actor on my team – just went from 4 days of catering to 1 day of catering thanks to BurnLounge. I have an acting coach on my team that watches the Jet’s play on Sundays and makes money because several people on his team use Sundays to share the concept with people and he doesn’t have to be around anymore when it happens. Regarding Ed’s comment about making .10 but paying $400 for your store… Obviously Ed didn’t have the attention span to fully listen to the concept – a mistake that will likely cost him a lot of money had he paid attention. The idea behind this is to create multiple points of distribution. My dad downloads from our store. A couple of friends also download from our store – that’s it! We make maybe enough to pay for a nice dinner each month from the downloads directly occurring in our store. Now, factor in the 60 other stores doing the same thing – we also make a percentage of their stores, and they make a profit when selling to their immediate friends and family. It’s called DISTRIBUTION – which is exactly why this is so powerful. I have 60 stores to promote a band that I love. Each store is a person selling directly to their immediate friends and family. The same content, at the same price as Itunes – where’s the ripoff?? In fact, my wife and I also design websites for actors and musical artists. To design a site with a store, tracking transactions, and accepting credit card payments – you are into the 5 digits. Ask around for yourself. Ask other web designers what they would charge to give you your own online music store. $400? If so – please give them my email address, because I have some work for them. Guys, be careful what you read and how informed the author is – educate yourself. Many people like to dismiss things, and go for the lowest common denominator. “It’s a pyramid scheme!” they cry! Ask them what a pyramid scheme is? They probably can’t tell you. But they will be comfortable moving on with their day and working 40 hours a week for the rest of their lives – missing the financial opportunity of a lifetime. Purely because of lack of information. I am happy though – because that weeds out the lazy people from this business. And for Shane: unfortunately the sucker here is you. And anyone else influenced by your lack of information and the way you enjoy juxtapositioning facts to mislead your readers. Notice how many people come here to defend Burnlounge? Think that is because it’s a rip off? Check other sites as well – people literally DEFEND it proactively! Why? Because it works. Do I honestly believe that by posting this info I am going to make money from someone on this page? No – I am here because you are keeping others from educating themselves. Unfortunately, they are trusting you to do the research for them…which you haven’t. Ebay meets Itunes meets MySpace – the three latest internet phenomena all in one concept. The difference? One of those companies charges you for everything you get from them – Itunes. One of them allows you to make a profit for transactions. The last one brings like-minded people together to create a powerful network of relationships. Now, in regards to your Amway analogy – large upfront costs?? $30? That’s large? That’s what it costs to get your own BurnLounge and check it out to see if you want to make a business out of it. The $440 is for people who want to make it a business – no one is forcing them to do it at $440. What is the difference between the two? At $440 you get software that tracks your sales, team, income, and more in real time. In fact, the software will convert the yen to the US dollar in REAL TIME as this thing goes global. Sound like a $440 piece of software to you? This on top of your own online entertainment store, event passes through Live Nation (now PARTNERED with BurnLounge as of August 16th) the LARGEST concert ticket sales promoter in the US and you get VIP access to concerts and discounted tickets. By the way – how much does Itunes compensate their artists? Might want to do a little research there. BurnLounge is 50-70%. Itunes turns DOWN artists, BurnLounge checks for the quality of the recording and then accepts the content without judging the marketability. Regarding Amazon and Itunes – so they pay you 5% commission? That’s cool for someone who wants to make a nickel. But if you had 1,000 stores (like all smart business owners realize – FRANCHISING) and made 2% on all of those, how exciting would that be? Oh yeah – I forgot to mention that BurnLounge is also going to be ringtones, video games, cell phone service, books on CD, concert tickets, movies, and more – now where do you go to set all of those things up? And, do you just make the percentage off of our own store again? Or do they give you the chance to be the CEO of your own network of thousands of stores and make percentages off of all of them? It’s called working smarter – not harder everyone! If you follow Shane’s plan – even if you are SUCCESSFUL at setting up profit sharing with Itunes and Amazon and however many other companies he would tell you to go to, you only get the percentages off of YOUR sales, instead of a whole franchise network of stores. Good luck with that, Shane. I would rather of the 60 stores I have now, and instead of fishing with a fishing pole – drag twenty miles of digital net. Guys, do really think Sony, BMG, Universal, Warner Bros, Cadillac, Nokia, Verizon, Shaquille O’Neal, MC Lyte, Kanye West, Rick Dees, Justin Timberlake (the list goes ON AND ON) would be part of some stupid flaky rip off company? Use your common sense and do your thinking for yourself – instead of letting Shane do his minimal research for you and remaining blind to the big picture. Shane, remember BurnLounge – it will be the biggest mistake you ever missed out on and you may never get the same chance again in your lifetime. To anyone else reading this – there are ALWAYS going to be people who are negative about things. That’s why websites like exists. Lack of knowledge, poor personal attitude, and the general belief that nothing in life is worth anything contribute to the negativity. I don’t want to live my life like that – and I haven’t. I would have missed BurnLounge if I did. Oh – by the way – Walmart is the biggest employer in the world, and by the way – what is the second largest company in the world with retailers making money? EBAY. God bless.

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  13. I bought a burnlounge a week and a half ago after careful study of the buisness model for burnlounge. I have already made my initial $470 back in a week and a half. I was skeptical for a bit until the first check came. If you really want to make up your own mind and use your brain for a second and not listen to what everyone else says, go to (click on the thing that says moguls start here). I have a masters in buisness marketing from USC. I wonder what this writer had. Probably just the thought save up his whole life and never take a chance that could take him from the rat race to financial freedom. Check it out for yourselves. Decide then…

  14. I also bought a burnlounge a week ago and I also have made my initial 470 investment back plus 279 dollars…Really its not that hard. Most of you are probibly expecting me to leave my burnlounge name at this end of this so I can offer you to “COME SIGN UP”. Im not…I don’t want you skeptics to sign up. It will be so much better in 3-5 years when CD’s are off the shelves in stores…as well as movies….books…games…yes its coming. I work for a very large Music, Movie and Book company and we are already starting to sales in music drop very rapidly. Soon we will see the movies do the same. As a matter of fact, they are already testing the idea of taking the physical CD out of stores and replacing it with computers that you pick the songs and burn the CD right there in the store. So go ahead…be blind to what is coming….you will be the same ones saying “MAN I WISH I COULD HAVE GOT INTO BURNLOUNGE WHEN IT FIRST STARTED.”

    I bet most of you didn’t know that there were only around 55,000 people who have invested so far, some of them celebrities and people in the entertainment industry.

    All of you not interested in owning a burnlounge will just be purchaseing your music and movies and who knows what else from us with stores later…..

  15. boy are you lost in that pie in the sky! I am sorry but I have to say that sales of music is not the goal it is the cover up! This is a pyramid, a brain washing pyramid and I am thru with it! God will bless me for that too as for I will not be scamming poor innocent people

  16. The diference between people that are successful in Burnlounge and those that call Burnlounge a scam is simple. The people that are successful in Burnlounge treat it like a job, a fun job at that, but steal a real job requiring committment and hard work. The others that call Burnlounge a scam are looking for a get rich quick business and are lazy! I made my $429 back the first week and 4x$429 the first month. I had just moved back to town and when my friend told me about it my first comment was I don’t really know that many people. I wrote a list down of 4 people I thought would be interested. After 2 weeks of looking at the business I signed up and really tried to learn from the leaders in the company and received all the help I asked for and more. I did exactly what they sayed and 9 months later I have over 800 people in my network and my network has thousands of customers. Its not just music downloads that make this business so atractive either, soon to come are movies, ringtones, books, video games. Burnlounge is going global also so Burnlounge is in its infancy. Take a look at the entertainment industry yourself and see where its heading and make up your own mind. The entertainment industry is a 160 billion dollar industry and is shifting to digital downloads. Music is just the beggining of those downloads. Do your own research and see for yourself, thats what I did.
    Its unbeleivable how people that are not willing to work at a business to be successful bad mouth the business, and accuss the business for there lack of success, instead of looking at themselves for the reason for there failure. I have been successful with Burnounge and had fun doing it.

  17. What I want to know is this….
    What service can I get into apart from Burnlounge that will allow me to earn anything off music or any other form of digital downloadable entertainment that I did not make in any way?
    I feel that if your a new Artist its harder to sale yourself because your unknown to the world.

    Its easier to sale someone who is prooven. This is not to say that one could not be sold but I feel if you can benifit off the sale of your competetion thats great.

    Lets say someone here decided to not get into burnlounge, and went and got a web developer and someone to create a back office for real time transactions and someone to do all the licensing deals etc. and he/she is has it all set and I just being some who loves music goes to his site and for whatever reason dont like the music but right in the middle of checking it out,someone asks me in the background if I heard the new JayZ record Its so Hot,,,chances are I will leave the site Im on and go check it out JayZ I will either buy it or locate it on emule or some p2p.

    If I choose to steal it well the person that did all the work to make the web site and JayZ looses in the fact that I stole it insted of paying for it.

    But if I chose to buy the song strait up, he/she that decided to create there own music store download site…and not participate in burnlounge losses because I left there page to go buy what I liked somewhere else!
    But what if JayZs New was right there beside the music I did not like …I would not leave I would just click on it preview it and buy it. In this process I discover that there is also a ringtone and music Video for this same song on the same site..Mind you I forgot about the original reason I went to the site was redirected to to jayZ.. I then decide to being a fan Buy the ringtone..then I find out there is concert tickets for JayZ also on the site.. at this point Im amazed that all this was in one place.. mind you I went with the entention of checking out someones music and ended up so far buying a song and a ringtone and considering buying concert tickets… After all this Im like I dont like the persons music but wow he has a nice web site what else does he have here …I then investigate it and notice there is games here also
    At this point if I buy a game or anything else
    Who would win in this sinareo?

  18. Brian is right. The people who are making money with BL treat it like a job. That doesn’t mean that it’s a good business model though.

    Can’t believe how many people are still into this thing… gets more views than any other page on my blog.

  19. BurnLounge

    If people just took the time to thoroughly read the information and decided HOW they want to be involved with BurnLounge, perhaps they would gain a better understanding of what it is exactly all about instead of listening to all the naysayers.

    Yes, the model encourages introducing the system to like-minded individuals, and sharing the opportunity – that is called network marketing or direct sales marketing which is what Burnlounge is tapping into. HOW you choose to share it and educate interested parties is equally as important as how you choose to get involved. Perhaps a reason why many people have felt “cheated” or “scammed” – because whoever shared the opportunity with them didn’t follow the system and the processes in place to transfer the knowledge required to make an EDUCATED decision, or form an EDUCATED opinion on whether or not to get involved with it as a BUSINESS (where you can make money by treating the burnlounge opportunity as such), or as a USER. Obviously non-business minded people will not grasp the full concept behind it, and that’s ok.

    Whether you get involved on the BUSINESS side, or just as a USER – is totally up to you. No one is forcing you to do either – and if someone that introduced you to the BurnLounge program FORCED you to join as a VIP mogul, I would consider that unethical. On the same token, did anyone FORCE you to use google to find this article? Did anyone FORCE you to click on Internet Explorer to surf the web? Did someone FORCE you to sign up on gMail or use eBay to sell your junk? How about mySpace? Were 149 million people coerced into using mySpace by unscrupulous methods? NO, Probably not – someone told you about it, you checked it out, and you just accepted it or signed up as a user and didn’t even question it – coupled with the fact these have become the de facto standards for the civilized computing world. THAT is what’s going to happen with BurnLounge version 2.0 which is slated for launch in March 2007. Using it will likely be just as common as having a mySpace page, or iTunes account (Burnlounge combines elements of both by the way) – and you can MONETIZE your involvement. When was the last time Tom from mySpace sent you a cheque? or how about iTunes for downloading a song? You pay your cellphone bill and extra fees for downloading ring-tones or games without even batting an eye – why do people freak out when BurnLounge charges $29 a YEAR to have access to similar tools and resources as a user? Sure, you can get involved on the business side, and invest in it like a BUSINESS – but you are expected to TREAT IT LIKE A BUSINESS. Anyone who doesn’t think the market for digital content (music, games, ringtones, eBooks, podcasts, blogs, etc etc) is growing at an exponential rate really needs to take a look around. In a couple years, rather than asking someone to ‘google this’ or ‘google that’ – you will be searching for digital content within BurnLounge. If you think BurnLounge’s business model and compensation plan is flawed, DON’T GET INVOLVED – simple as that. If someone is trying to TRICK you into something, ANYTHING, wouldn’t you do some due dilligence? and please don’t believe the hype – despite there might be a lot of it in the next month as it prepares to launches internationally. You STILL should take the time to educate yourself to make your own decision. But in a couple years when there’s a BurnLounge icon on just as many desktops as there are MSN messenger icons or google desktop search icons, I hope you think about this post. I never thought I would have the google desktop or yahoo toolbar on my desktop as recent as 2 years ago.

    The only place you’ll find success before work is in the dictionary. Remember that.

    Visit the following link and read, watch and listen to ALL the material and notice who is involved – then, and ONLY then should you form your opinion.

    independant retailer

  20. Scott Freeman Avatar
    Scott Freeman

    Have you noticed that those who are defending Burnlounge are doing so with calm, rational, documented, verifiable facts, and those who are talking crap are doing just that: emotionally inflated crap.

    I think a pyramid scheme would be one that has one guy at the top earning tons of cash while all the drones do the hard labor at the bottom and make nothing…oh, wait!! That’s corporate America!! Oops, my bad.

    I’m a chiropractor. I had over $200,000 in student loans debt, BEFORE starting the business. With no help, no coaching, no support on how to build the business. In fact, going out into the marketplace is nothing but competition against every other business out there all vying for each person’s dollar. Add $15,000 to start a business on a shoe string, then $5000/mo in overhead, and I only make money when I’m present doing the work….how again is this a successful business model? Um…..?

    Yea, let’s compare: $200,000 $15,000 = $215,000 to start the business vs $444.95 for Burnlounge. Hmmm……Ok, well, $5000 in monthly overhead vs $14.95 for Burnlounge. Hmmm, uh, um……a purely competitive business selling a service that’s frankly a luxury, with no training or support vs a team that works together and capitalizes on all our efforts, with ongoing training and support selling the most naturally integrated products of our life, music and entertainment, and I get paid whether I’m present or not…..ARE YOU FRICKING KIDDING ME?!!??!

    Get over yourselves guys. Do you realize how deluded you are? How sold on false systems that don’t work? We’ve all been ripped off. We’ve all lost money. We’ve all had our trust and faith broken. That’s life. Now pick a winner, and pick it fast before it rolls right by you.

  21. A CORRECTION: An ARTIST does NOT need to sign up or pay one cent to get their music uploaded onto to over 50,000 burnlounge stores. They only need to fill out a form and send their music on a CD to the burnlounge corporate offices. It’s up in a few weeks. Burnlounge will negotiate 55-70 cents to the dollar with the artist on any album sold from ANY Burnlounge store. If an artist decides to take advantage of the MUSIC MOGUL Package, they can ALSO (like the rest of us BL retailers) create ADDITIONAL revenue from their stores and their teams’ stores. This is paid via “Concentric retail revenue??? form their album(s) sales and ALL OTHER CONTENT sold through those stores. This allows artists to go into business with their fans for a win-win situation… as Justin Guarini (American Idol runner up) put it on “KTLA news??? and I paraphrase as I forget the exact quote: “Now I can give back to my fans that were so loyal and giving to me.” (You can see his actual testimony on [redacted] (it loads up under either option 1 or 2). Here’s another one: multi-platinum selling artist, Montel Jordan said at a Burnlounge event in Los Angeles recently, “I never got a royalty check for my music, until Burnlounge.” In a nutshell an artist should also understand these things: BURNLOUNGE PROVIDES ARTISTS: 1) Control of their Content, 2) Control of their image, 3) An unbelievable 55-70% yield on sales, 3) And an opportunity to go into business with their fans and friends in a simple, duplicatable way that profits everyone. You can be sure itunes, and all the other websites DO NOT offer them this. Oh yeah, one more BONUS for the artist: How cool would it be for an artist to be invited to play their music at a Burnlounge event in front of hundreds or thousands of Burnlounge RETAILERS (who SELL music). That’s like playing in front of a thousand BEST BUY managers. Or what if, someone like me sent out an email about this artist or band to a hundred people in our organization, that will almost always cross the path of all 50,000 retailers through “viral marketing???. Could that help an artist get discovered and help them sell more albums? Hmmm. Or what if an artist is introduced on a LIVE teleconference to speak to hundreds or thousands of Burnlounge retailers (we do calls several times a week). Could that help them? Hmmm. GUYS, this is much bigger than any of you skeptics understand. Do your homework and when you do, get it from someone making money in Burnlounge or contact the BL corporate office . That is exactly what Jeff Hoffman did. Yeah, Jeff Hoffman, the Co-Founder and President of a small company you might of heard of called It’s only a $20 Billion dollar company. Anyway, he seems to think BURNLOUNGE is worth investing both his time and his money into..because he already has. Could it be because, as a smart(er) researcher of facts, he doesn’t do his research by reading what Joe Taylor, Jr. has to say about Burnlounge on some cheesy website called Hmmm. “spin??? me sounds like Joe is spinning…in his own head. Go make some money people and whatever you do have fun with it.

  22. We like making money, too. Spending it on stuff we don’t need, not so much. And what good is a performance before 1,000 BL retailers that don’t have mailing lists of their own? My research is what I actually observe in the field, CP. I observe music purchasers not able to use the site, and many BL folks that have become frustrated at their inability to make their investments turn a profit, especially when their upline sponsors told them that it would be “turnkey” and “effortless.” And I’m the first one to admit our site is cheesy — often, not as cheesy as I’d like it to be.