American Idol 6 Will Include a Songwriting Competition

UPDATE – APRIL 27: Big, huge, fun American Idol liveblog + discussion happening on our new discussion boards.

UPDATE 4.5.07: American Idol Songwriter Contest Rules Now Online

UPDATE 4.4.07: American Idol Songwriting Competition Signups Open!!

Now that’s something I wasn’t expecting.

Along with the routine awful auditions and awkward evolutions of the next round of Idol contestants, we’ll get a parallel contest for folks to actually write the eventual winner’s first single. I always thought that the first two seasons of Nashville Star were excellent, since they emphasized instruments and songwriting. While understanding that not all vocalists can play other instruments, I’m curious to see how the Idol producers will pull the Oz-like process of creating hit singles out from behind the curtain.

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65 responses

  1. Can you tell me when the American Idol Songwriting contest is going to start? I want to know when I can send my songs in.

  2. stacy olmino Avatar
    stacy olmino

    Since the songwriting costest started on November 25th where are the details of where to send in material. I can’t find anything on their website the are very vague about it. If you have this information, I would greatly appreciat it!

  3. Joyce Hartrich Avatar
    Joyce Hartrich

    I need information on the songwriting contest that American Idol is having this season. I need to know the rules and regulations, where to send the demo, etc. Please let me know so I can get it in ASAP!!! Thank you so much!

  4. Barbara Cohen Avatar
    Barbara Cohen

    I am also curious as to how, where, and when to submit songs for the contest. There is a lot of talk , but the specific info is missing. If anyone finds out anything, please let me know!!!!!

  5. Linda Cizek Avatar
    Linda Cizek

    I just cut a CD of originals. I’d like to enter the songwriting contest and need info ASAP. Please help!!!

  6. I noticed from the above comments that the songwriting contest has already began. Please send me information on when/where to send materials in order to submit for the American Idol 6 Songwriting Contest. Thank you.

  7. More information here

  8. Please post the info for American Idol 6 Songwriting when? and where? do we submit our inspirations? Thank-you!

  9. How, when, and where do you sign up or submit information. All and any info you have would be great!

    Thank you,

  10. sue paul Avatar

    Please provide how when and where to sign up or submit info on song writing competition. Thanks.

  11. Please forward information in detail about the American Idol songwriting contest. I need rules, regulations, deadlines, etc. I need to submit my song. Thank you in advance.

  12. RANDY ST. CLAIR Avatar


  13. wendy kapner Avatar
    wendy kapner

    please let me know how to submit a song to the competition thank you

  14. anything u know about the compition would be helpful thank you in advanced

  15. Yuvonne E. Brazier Avatar
    Yuvonne E. Brazier

    I have some wonderful lyrics, and would like some information on how to enter your songwriter’s competition.

  16. Patsy Blue Avatar
    Patsy Blue

    I am very interested in entering a very special song for the American Idol songwriting contest.
    My mother is 89 and she helped me write it about her childhood, Please respond before it is too late.

  17. Help please; I need details on the American Idol songwriting competition; how, when, and where to sbumit my song. Thank you.

  18. please, PLEASE post more details! I need to know, too! Thanks!

  19. I would like to submit a song to the American Idol songwriting contest. Please forward any information pertainining to this matter. Thanks.

  20. I would also like to know the details of how and when to send in my songs to the American Idol songwriting contest. ASAP. How come the rules are so hush, hush?

  21. So how do you enter?

  22. Hello my name is Josie and I’m almost 14 years old and I was wondering if there was an age limit to submitting your songs. SO far I have 21 songs and poems and I would love to submit some of them.

  23. please give me more specific details about the american idol song-writing contest. for instance when is the date(deadline and time ) the song(s)have to be submitted. what are the categories of music, how long can the song be?, what format does the song have to be submitted in CD.?, and lastly I need an address to mail my submission to!
    also when is the winner going to be announced,and where will the winner be announced?
    How many songs can one person enter? please respond with more details!

  24. Fred W. Fraser III Avatar
    Fred W. Fraser III

    Hi, agreed, the Idol website has NOTHING about this contest, and I heard Seacrest make a vague reference to it. Any help is appreciated!!



  26. MaryAnn Carioscia Avatar
    MaryAnn Carioscia

    I’d like to know when and where we can submit our songs for review. I’m a Chicago Public School teacher…I love it, but I’M TIRED.


  27. marco gueli Avatar
    marco gueli

    I would like to know when the American Idol contest will start & if there is any age limit. Also, how do I submit my song.

    Thank You


  28. sue wynne Avatar

    Any info on how to enter the American Idol song contest would be great. Thanks

  29. ok, i REALLY would LOVE to see some rules & places where we can send these songs, cuz, i have a really good one i’m working on in mind. SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL US SOMETHING!! thank you

  30. Patrick Owen Avatar
    Patrick Owen

    I have 12 original compositions w/music and lyrics. I am looking forward to submitting 2 or 3 for the contest. Where to go????

  31. This is interesting. They announced this a while ago and have yet to post any info anywhere on it. I wonder if it is trurning into a legistical night mare. Most song writting contests the writter gets to keep the right to thier song. And it usually is just judged and a cash award given. These guys want to record the song and make money off of it. Plus they usually have in the performer contracts that they can’t record an albumn before the winner release thier’s Can they stop sone one else from recording the number 2 song? This will be interesing to watch, if they go through with it.

  32. wendy kapner Avatar
    wendy kapner

    what is the procedure to enter a song please let me know thanks wendy

  33. Missy Shay Avatar
    Missy Shay

    Please send me info on American Idol Song writing

    Thank you,
    Missy Shay

  34. jim shepherd Avatar
    jim shepherd

    Please send any info you have on the American Idol
    music and lyrics contest.

    Thank you,
    Jim Shepherd

  35. Kurt Ferguson Avatar
    Kurt Ferguson

    Hello, I’ve been trying for weeks to find out any information about the song-writing contest. I have already copyrighted my song and want to know what’s up. Is Fox just scamming the public, I hope not because there will be very bad press if they are. I know my song is fit for the show because I have been playing for almost 45 yrs. Please give so I can submit my song. Thanks in advance, Kurt Ferguson

  36. curioustoo Avatar

    Look to God for answers

  37. gary smith Avatar
    gary smith

    i need information on where to send my song

  38. Richelle L. Bean Avatar
    Richelle L. Bean

    I am requesting information on the American Idol lyrics and music contest.

    Thank You,
    R.L Bean

  39. soledad i sassarini Avatar
    soledad i sassarini

    what is the age limit for the audition to american idol? My husband has a great voice.He is 37. Is he too old? Please reply.

  40. Please send me something about the american idol song writers contest.

  41. dumbdrums Avatar

    im goin nuts tryin to figure out these strange they are not out there..ive heard mention of it on the show..a weird thing i seem to remember seeing was one of the finalists saying in an interview “i cant wait to sing (whatever the song name was) in the finals..which leads me to believe they already know what the winning song is..perhaps a heavy like desmond child or carol seager came up with something and they are now trying to let this contest mention slip away..

  42. jackie gurule Avatar
    jackie gurule

    Id like to find info on submitting a song,
    but no information, i feel somthings wrong,
    id like to share my talent with Simon,
    Id like to share with him my talent for rhy-min,
    my feelings will hit him like a raging fire,
    then he’ll want to meet me, thats all he’ll desire,
    so can somebody share, just what i should do?
    Heck if it were me….I’d do it for you!!!

  43. priscilla melton Avatar
    priscilla melton

    Songwriters do not get enough credit in the music industry,today. I have been dreaming of being a country music songwriter ever since I was 13 years old.Still to this very day, I am trying to get something. These days, it is 50 percent talent and 50 percent alone in just getting heard by gracius opportunites such as,”American Idol Songwritning contest. They just need to clarify more about the actual contest.Is it pure speculation,or is this really”in the works? There are alot of people awaiting for a justifying answers?So, thank you very much!!!!!!!

  44. kenney lewis Avatar
    kenney lewis

    I too would like all the details re: the songwriting aspect of american idol..thanks!

  45. v. stephens Avatar
    v. stephens

    Info. on american idol song contest please. Rules, deadlines, etc. thanks.

  46. info. on American idol song-writing contest please.

  47. when is the next contest for the song writing contest on american idol

  48. when is the next song writing contest

  49. Yuvonne E. Brazier Avatar
    Yuvonne E. Brazier

    when will the next songwriting competing for American Idol began

  50. I would like the rules and legal information involved in the song writting contest. and If I still owen my song if I enter. or does the American Idol own part of the song? and if so how much. percentage wise.

  51. where and how do I submit a song to the
    american Idol song writing contest.


  52. Nate Robinette Avatar
    Nate Robinette

    I sure would like any details (If any ever become available) I don’t about anyone else.
    But it sure seems like they are dragging there feet with this. Anyway i would be grateful for any details Thanks

  53. Vera Davis Avatar
    Vera Davis


    Like others I am patiently waiting for the song-writng contest. If there is any information to be given, I would like to be included on the rules and regulations. Like others, I also believe that I have the winning song for such a show as this. Ready when you are, be blessed!

  54. please send me info on american idol song writing contest………i need to know when it starts and so on please anyone send the info to

  55. Any imfo on the american idol (idle) song contest?
    Seems like it really isn’t going anywhere.

  56. Richard Avatar

    Was this ever for real or just antoher PR hype stunt to generate interest? If anyone knows if this is for real, could you please post the details for me and everyone else.


  57. Is there a contest still? We are down to the top ten,any info yet on submission,rules etc…

  58. Damon Haynes Avatar
    Damon Haynes

    I was wondering the same trhing. Is the sogwriting contest still going on?

  59. Nate Robinette Avatar
    Nate Robinette

    I really would like to know if there
    was a songwriting contest planned at all?
    I don’t know about anyone else.But I suspect I’m
    not alone.At being upset that no word has come out about the songwriting contest or even if its going to happen. It’s been over 7 months since I heard about .Spent a nice chunk of change and time to write a song for this.
    I don’t this is good business.
    If they are not going to have it .
    They could at least announe it.

  60. Lora Russell Avatar
    Lora Russell

    I am very interested in knowing more of the songwriting contest details. I would like to enter this contest but I need to know the rules and regulations, where to submit the material, etc.

  61. are these comments getting return mail?
    i need info on song contest, mailed back to me ..

  62. Please let us know how to enter in the songwriting contest, with all pert. info. Thank you

  63. I need to know the rules and regulations, where to submit the material, etc.

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