What would you do if your to-do list was empty?

A great prompt this morning from Jason Womack:

If (and I think this is the big if) everything were up to date, your workstation were organized, your projects were identified, and you had a strong/complete/total inventory of “hi-po*” activities…I have a questions:

How would you choose what you choose to work on?

When I speak with musicians on our conference calls or at live events, I often hear folks tell me about all the cool things they want to do — when there’s time. What if that weren’t an issue? What if everything else in your life and your world was under control? What would you work on next?

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One response

  1. That post is receiving quite a bit of attention; I’ve received several e-mails from people sharing their ideas on the “WHAT IF” question.

    Thanks for spreading this beyond, into your community!