5,000 Records Is All You Need

Lefsetz has a gloriously cynical look at this week’s sales. Pay close attention to what he says about the effects of an $18.98 list price, and the fact that publicity does not equal sales. Also note that a Guns & Roses greatest hits collection is blowing the doors off everything other than the 70-some records ahead of it on the charts.

What I want you to look at is the set of numbers at the bottom of the chart. Government Mule and Marc Anthony sold just over 5,000 records each last week.

Even though it’s hard to sell your first 1,000 records
, an independent act that focused enough attenion and energy on growing an audience could conceivably pull a 5,000 unit launch week.

Wouldn’t that be fun?

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2 responses

  1. i dont have 5000 i have 1

  2. Then you’ve only got 4,999 to go!