Rock Star Supernova Finale

We’re just back from some time with family in Florida, so this post is a few days late:

I’m pretty psyched that Lori nailed the final two contestants from Rock Star: Supernova way back on opening night. At the time, I didn’t think Lukas was right for the band, though I thought he was a “great performer.” If certain rumors are to be believed, it could be that the band grew into him as much as he grew into the band over the course of the series.

Know who impressed me the most? Magni. I wasn’t really sure he’d last the season, but he mellowed out and really showed us what a great sport, team player, and awesome guy he can be.

I think Dilana has the potential to be the show’s Clay Aiken — no trophy, but the potential to sell more records over the course of her career than anybody else the show produces. I’ll check in on that prediction in a few years. At any rate, congratulations, Lukas. Lori and her girlfriends are already talking road trip. Maybe even to Albany.

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  1. Yeah, it was great that they let them do original songs and all. That will give everyone a boost. And frankly all the competitor’s songs were world’s above the Supernova tracks. 🙂