MySpace Bands: It’s Not Your URL!

When the Fox television network wanted to promote the TV series Bones online, it turned to its corporate sibling, MySpace, for help. Obligingly, they offered up the screen name “Bones,” which would be pretty easy to remember. Except, that screen name already belonged to a band in Louisiana that had put together a list of 2,100 friends.

Fortunately, some kind folks at MySpace reunited the band with its original screen name.

However, it’s another reminder that promoting someone else’s domain name on your printed material and press kit is an invitation to disaster. (Remember, $8 a year is all it costs to have your own domain name, even if you just redirect it to your MySpace page.) MySpace’s terms of service indicate that they can — and will — take back your screen name if they want to. It’s really nice to hear that they stuck up for a member this time, but you can’t guarantee that they’ll do it again.

And, for all the folks that think MySpace is never going anywhere, ask the senior members of your favorite music business bulletin boards what it was like when vanished after it was purchased by an international media conglomerate. (Some folks are still stinging from that one.)

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4 responses

  1. That’s great idea, to get your own domain name and all – BUT here’s a even better one, how about you get your own REAL web site (you cheap and stupid bands) instead of that crappy free shit filled with hype and corporate adveryising crap that brings new meaning to the term “user” – you’re getting USED alright! You get what you pay for, and in MySpace’s case even less…

  2. Don’t Promote MySpace!!…

    Joe Taylor tells a great story about a band who lost its MySpace URL… The same thing happened to bands who promoted URLs from and And I’m sure this won’t be the last time… Buy a domain and……

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