Another Case Study: Why MySpace Should Be Your SECOND Online Home

Laura Grillo’s a model, not a musician, but the cautionary tale is still the same. MySpace pulled her profile from the site, claiming she violated terms and conditions by posting racy photos of herself. Since her own site isn’t fully operational yet, we can assume she gave out her MySpace URL as a contact point to agents and photographers. With the profile pulled down, those folks are more than likely going to move on to whoever else is on their list for upcoming gigs.

We’ve offered this advice before — as “hot” as MySpace is, and as many fans and friends you might be able to cultivate through it, you should never, EVER use it as the sole URL on your products or your promotional materials. You never know when the service might remove your page, whether you unintentionally run afoul of TOS or you simply have a user name that’s attractive to an advertiser.

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