More American Idol Songwriting Contest Discussion

It’s still going — over 2,500 posts strong on our first discussion thread, as well as dozens of songs in the song critique area. We’ve just opened up a second American Idol Songwriter discussion thread to keep the server happy and to provide a fun, positive place to chat about all things related to the AI songwriting contest.

Tomorrow, we learn the Top 20 Finalists, and we can start to critique them, as well!

Until then, see you on the boards…

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12 responses

  1. anyone know where to go to check out the AI songwriters top 20 list? Supposed to be announced today may2. Anyone?

  2. LisaH Avatar

    Hello Scott, on AI’s website, go to “home” and click on AI Songwroting Contest. Oh by the way they are still ‘Finalizing their top 20″ this according to the websit. I wonder what’s going on. I sure hope they really haven’t contacted the top 20, because I was hoping to be selected. I have not recieved a call though. Whats your take?

  3. lisa, i really have no clue! I hope to hear something today, but……. I keep you posted, thanks.

  4. KATHY Avatar

    i would like to vote, where are the 2o I know our song made it

  5. I was wanting to know what was going on too. I also submitted a song and have not heard anything.

  6. Ironmanbob Avatar

    You have already agreed to their terms and conditions when you entered, and I feel there is no reason to contact you. As you know AI is really good at putting a lot of unexpected twists and turns in their show, so why not do it in this contest. Keep up the hope and Good Luck to all.

  7. carolyn Avatar

    Hi I summited a song also.I havent heard anything.Im getting scard.I really wanted to make the top twenty.

  8. Billy Avatar

    I received 3 three calls from a 212 area code within the last week, all of which I missed. I found out it was Carnegie Hall’s main number, but got no further information when I called and talked to the Carnegie Hall operator.

    Could 19 Entertainment possibly be doing their search from NY and could I possibly have missed “The Call”!?

  9. Well, the top 20 songs are in! I am disappointed because our song didn’t make the cut but everyone couldn’t be a winner. I’m just curious how they chose songs. I’d love to get feedback on the song we submitted so tell me what you think. The song is “Journey of Dreams”. Congrats to the winners!

  10. Billy Avatar

    Turns out the offices for 19 Entertainment are next door to Carnegie Hall. I think I missed The Call and a big opportunity!!!

    I wouldn’t doubt it if they contacted the writers of each song and hooked them up with a local studio to re-record their song professionally. All of the Top 20 sound very well-refined. What do you think?

  11. Billy Avatar

    Dee – your myspace page didn’t come up. Is that the right address?

  12. The music business will break your heart.