Presenting Yourself as a Professional to Achieve Success

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  1. The Dangling Avatar
    The Dangling

    presenting myself at all will be difficult.You can critique me at myspace.Go to music and type the dangling.i think it’s good for what i have to work with,but awful,otherwise.The library computer is a puritan from Hell,so i’m limited.If someone would front me what i need,everything,i know i’d make it worth their while.Most of my material is too hard to successfully record with the godawful tape recorder i own.The digital recorder my brilliant chef girlfriend owns is even worse.She a restaurant that everyone who eats there knows is great.i work for her.We lived a full year without power at the house.All our customers are rich.We’re like Germany after WW1.Good and cheap.i’m looking to start something.Thanks.

  2. AnnaMarie Avatar

    Joe, what happened to the boards. I can’t seem to find them.