Upcoming posts for 2008…

While it’s been pretty quiet here of late, I’ve been cooking up some new topic streams that I think you’ll find interesting in the new year. Some of the topics I’m kicking around include:

  • more information about finding/training music managers
  • what to look for and what to avoid in music business contracts
  • how to find (or develop) a booking agent
  • jobs in the music business
  • music business books (best of the new crop)
  • music business software (tools you can use to run your business)
  • music business attorneys (how to find one, how to avoid bad ones)
  • country music business (what’s different about Nashville)
  • finding music publishing success
  • how to use songwriting contests to jumpstart your creativity

As always, I’m trying to use the site as an opportunity to build on the books I’ve written over the last six years. So if there’s something you feel I should be covering here, try the search engine — you might find I’ve written about it earlier. And I want to thank you, the regular reader of this site, for indulging me during my time away. During my hiatus from the site, I’ve been able to recharge a little. That said, I’ll probably be splitting my time on the site between longer feature pieces or series and short little tweets and link lists. If you’ve got an idea for something you’d like to see here, please let me know in the comments, or via e-mail. 

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