Announcing the Music Management Boot Camp

Over the past few months, I’ve seen a huge surge of interest in my third book, Music Management for the Rest of Us. It could be that a bunch of folks are thinking about pursuing music industry careers, in the wake of crazy layoffs all over the United States. But it’s also likely that more independent musicians are thinking about building their success teams by training trusted friends and family members to help grow their audiences.

That’s why I’m so excited about this week’s special announcement.

Next month, I’m going to launch an eight-week “boot camp” for beginning music management professionals. I’ve been spending the last few months taking the ideas from my Music Management book and thinking about ways to develop some of the most crucial skills that someone would need to take on this important role for an artist.

Music Management Boot Camp participants will meet with me once per week, by phone, for eight weeks. During each of the first seven sessions, we’ll discuss how to develop a specific skill. I’ll even recommend some reading and assign some “homework” to drive each point home. The eighth week is about setting up an action plan to deliver meaningful results for your artist. We’ll follow up again ninety days later to check in on your progress.

If you’re self-managed, this course will help you learn how to look at your career through the eyes of a seasoned manager. And if you’re new to the business, you’ll learn how all seven of these skills trump experience and connections when it comes to getting things done for your clients. (Hint: they’re the same skills Brian Epstein used to help the Beatles — even though he was a retail manager only a few months before they met.)

There are only TWELVE seats available for this course, so I suggest you act fast. If I offer this again, it won’t be until the fall. Since I haven’t been able to open up any personal coaching appointments, this is one of the rare opportunities for us to get to work together on your music career in 2010.

Class starts on March 16, but these reservations WILL sell out sooner than that.

Visit our special Music Management Boot Camp website for all the details.

I hope we get to work together this Spring!