All new editions of music business books in 2011.

Thanks to Lori’s help and to a much easier schedule since moving into Center City Philadelphia, I’ve got the road map for all new updates to my series of music business books in 2011:

I started “remastering” all of my books in early 2010 for Kindle, and quickly found that I couldn’t help wanting to expand the information in each one. Even I’m surprised how well¬†they held up over the years. I figured I’d have to make some major corrections. However, the philosophy behind each book is about connecting artists to audience in a very human way. The strategies work well, regardless of the technology in place at the time. Replace some of the references to AOL and MySpace with Facebook and Twitter, and you’ve got the same core ideas.

What I really wanted to focus on in the updates was insight into the case studies I presented in the original GYBA. Many of the artists profiled have really pioneered the art of reaching out to audiences for direct support. What I’m adding to the new edition is a new set of case studies chronicling what happened to some major label artists who had to adopt many of these strategies to overcome what happened when they lost their record deals. That’s really fascinating me right now, and I’ll have more news on that topic later.

Earlier today, my newsletter subscribers received advance notice of my plans, along with an invitation to purchase a bundle of all four current PDF editions at a discount price. Everyone who buys a copy of one of my e-books or paperback editions from today forward will get the updated PDF edition when it goes live. (Make sure you register, or submit a support ticket!) If you’re not already on my newsletter list, you can sign up today and get the most recent issue with the download link automatically.

Your direct support makes it possible for me to spend the time on researching, interviewing, and writing all of these books. Thank you.

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