Could your music marketing eclipse your music?

Chemical Brothers @ McCarren Pool

Ed Simons from the Chemical Brothers wonders that aloud, in response to Radiohead’s new album release.

In an age of quickly copied digital downloads, turning your album into an artifact can help you preserve sales and reward your most loyal fans. But it’s easy to let the planning of your album release and the development of your audience rewards overtake the process of creating great music.

Do you agree with Simons that Radiohead’s “just ok” and obsessed with marketing? Tell me what you think in the comments.

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  1. Groovearthrecords Avatar

    I think that nowadays music labels want to make revenue to survive so they do not give the artist time to create and be inspired they ask the artist to do commercial music they can sell after as ringtone or slogan for advert. The music must be simple. If the artist is talented enough the music and lyric can be very creative otherwise what they do is to use music sample of artist well known who has been successful before and adapt it on the move of today. Or ask songwriters to write a song for them and sell the lyrics to them to have the full credit.
    Music Marketing is necessary to promote the music to the correct target and find new source of revenue for the artists but because of the economical situation of the music industry today. The music is unfortunately become as a product , every sounds are calculated and think like to do a puzzle, there is not inspiration anymore or rarely. It is very sad to see that. But real musician and artists will always ask the record label more time to do their music because they can not stand to be rushed to compose, arrange and produce music just to make money they feel their soul is lost and stole from their artistic freedom.

    Michelle Galas