RIAA counts on-demand streams toward Gold and Platinum; music biz execs love cars and tip jars

Today’s roundup of music business news and opinion from around the web:

  • The RIAA will now count 100 on-demand streaming requests as equivalent to a downloaded single for purposes of certifying Gold and Platinum records. [RIAA]
  • Record stores continue to morph into passion businesses owned and operated by music business veterans and super fans like Canada’s Frankie Nielson. After decades developing acts like Paul Weller and the Comsat Angels, he explains how he came to Steveston, Canada and opened the Beatmerchant Record Store. [Richmond News]
  • NARM VP Bill Wilson talks about two of the music industry’s biggest current passions: “tip jars” and cars. [The Next Web]
  • At age 81, Elektra Records founder Jac Holzman has grown passionate about mobile apps. [Columbus Dispatch/NYT]