Daniel Miller reveals the new Mute Records; Listener backlash over cover songs; X Factor winner in management contract lawsuit

Today’s roundup of music business news and opinion from around the web:

  • Mute Records has returned as an indie, and founder Daniel Miller explains the complexities of running an iconic imprint while continuing to help major labels with A&R for former Mute bands. [The Music Network]
  • Cutting a cover of a popular song used to be a great way to sneak your name into some popular searches on iTunes and Spotify. Now that the tactic’s a little overused, bands face listener backlash. [Durango Herald]
  • X Factor winner Samantha Jade faces a lawsuit from her former management team, claiming they’re still under contract. Exactly why it’s important to include a sunset clause and some clear “eject buttons” in your management contracts. [Take40]
  • SunTrust Bank alleges that Jermaine Dupri can’t pay off a home loan he took out to keep his So So Def label afloat. [Guardian Express]
  • This year’s Wisconsin Music Festival includes music business workshops designed to help you make more money at gigs while reducing your frustrations on the road. [PR Newswire]