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Ryan at Pitchfork Media in Chicago is looking for interns.


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  1. Guys, you may want to follow the link and contact Ryan directly — I don’t know if he sees these comments. Thanks!

  2. Adriana Ramirez Avatar
    Adriana Ramirez


    I am into my fourth year at college here at Western Illinois University and I’m looking to find an internship for this summer. I want to gain some experience in the music business field in Chicago. Please email me back with some information on the internship that you are providing. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Adriana Ramirez

  3. Hi,

    I’m a college student from Washington, DC looking for a summer internship doing something with event planning and live music in the Chicago area. Does anyone know of any such thing?


  4. Tess O'Meara Avatar
    Tess O’Meara

    Hi Ryan,
    I am a senior at Western Illinois University and am interested in an internship dealing with recreation and event planning. I plann on moving to the chicagoland area for the summer. Could you e-mail me some more information.


  5. Angel Beals Avatar
    Angel Beals

    Ryan, My name is Angel Beals and i am currently a junior here at Northern Illinois university, and i am extremely interested in the opportunity of working with your company. Music is very important to me and i will greatlt appreciate this opportunity my email address is

    Thank you for you time and consideration.

  6. Erin Holley Avatar
    Erin Holley

    Hello Ryan,

    My name is Erin Holley and I am a junior mass communication major at Illinois State University. I live in the Chicago land area and would love to talk to you about what I can offer to your company. I have experience in both television and radio and would appreciate if you could email to further inform me about a summer internship.
    Thanks for your time
    Erin Holley

  7. Maryn Miller Avatar
    Maryn Miller

    Hello Ryan,
    My name is Maryn Miller and I am an undergraduate pursuing a degree in international studies and human rights. I will be a junior at the University of Dayton next fall. I am looking for some sort of paid internship in the Chicago Area preferably downtown for the summer. I very flexible with any type of internship and am desperate for experience in the real world. I am interested with any internship dealing with my major and a variety of other things. My interests include working with the homeless, any sort of social work in general, the GLBTQ community, community outreach, and anything fun and or interesting. I am willing to do anything from working in an office to working with the cubs. I would be interested in internships that include some sort of housing but it’s not necessary. I am extremely outgoing, and very much people person, I love children and helping people. Foreign policy and Human rights are my passion. I am a hard worker, intelligent and driven. Any information you can send me about any internships would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

  8. Karren Boatner Avatar
    Karren Boatner

    Hello, I am a sophomore at the University of Illinois majoring in English. I am very interested in an internship during the months of June, July, and August. I am very flexible about hours and would greatly appreciate the work experience. I am interested in learning more about the positions that you have availible. Thank You.

  9. Jamie Stevens Avatar
    Jamie Stevens

    Hello. I am looking for an internship, preferably paid or stipend, in the Chicago area for the summer. I am a student at the accredited business school of Northwood University in Midland MI, and my major is Entertainment and Sport Promotion Management. I enjoy all types of work, from organization to event planning, but my passion lies in event planning. I am a self-starter, as well as a hard worker. I am looking for an internship that I may apply my educational skills to, as well as gain additional skills. I am a dedicated to every project and job that I begin, and am very driven by success and good results. I can send you a full resume and cover letter with recommendations upon your request. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.
    Jamie Stevens
    Northwood University

  10. Kristin Kuc Avatar
    Kristin Kuc

    Hi Ryan, I am currently a senior at Illinois State University. I am looking for a paid internship in the summer(mid-may-mid-august) in the chicagoland area. My major is Human Resources Management but will accept any internship offered that is related in some way. I am a very responsible and dedicated person. I am also flexible in the hours I work. I am currently a student manager at my job in the student center for dining services. I am looking for an oppotunity to gain real life skills and skills that can not be taught in the classroom. I do the best that I can at everything I do and put forth a great amount of effort. I would like to learn more about your internship. Please send me some information at your convienence. Thank you, Kristin

  11. Isis Jackson Avatar
    Isis Jackson

    Hello Ryan,

    I am a freshman at Hollins University, an all womens University in Virginia. I am looking for an internship in Chicago because Chicago is my home. I have never been employeed, despite my efforts, but I am a hard worker and while a paid internship would be preferable, any experience is wonderful. Thank you, Isis

  12. Veronica Reyes Avatar
    Veronica Reyes

    Hey Ryan! I’m a sophomore majoring in Sociology and Communications at the University of Illinois- Champaign. I’m looking for an internship in Chicago (my hometown) between mid-may to mid-august. I’d love to have an internship with you because first of all I love love love all music from country to electro-clash as well as anything that has to do with music such as festivals (Oyster fest etc) to which I am an avid attendee. Secondly, I love the website and all of the great information I recieve about new and upcoming bands as as well as my all time favorites (sooo bummed that N*E*R*D is over) Thirdly, I’m an outgoing person who isn’t afraid of hard work and a challenge. As you can tell I am also very personable. I can assure you that any job I am presented with I will travel all avenues to bring back something no less than a perfection! Anyways, my resume is available so all you have to do is ask! I hope to hear from you soon!

  13. Jennifer Scheffler Avatar
    Jennifer Scheffler

    Hello Ryan,

    I will be a 4th year student in the communication field with an advanced writing and marketing minor. I attend to the Rochester Institute of Technology In New York. I am from Chicago and will be coming home to Chicago for the summer. I can see that I could fit in with what you are looking for. I would honored to come and work for you for a few weeks during the summer. I am motivated, organized, and I have a lot to offer. Please ask for my resume and I will be happy to email it to you.
    Thank You,
    Jennifer Scheffler

  14. Valerie Garcia Avatar
    Valerie Garcia

    Hi Ryan!
    I am very interested in an internship in the Chicagoland area. I am graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in August 2003 and looking for general work experience upon my return. Please send me information at your earliest convenience.
    Thank you.

  15. Alana Chang Avatar
    Alana Chang

    Hi Ryan,
    I am interested in an internship for a 2month period. I am from Australia and will be visiting Chicago in mid September. My resume is available to you upon request. I will be living downtown, and have been to Chicago before, thus very familiar with the area. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Regards, Alana

  16. Justin Cheng Avatar
    Justin Cheng

    Hey Ryan,
    I am extremely interested in an internship with Pitchfork Media. I am from the Chicagoland area and currently attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. If there are any internship openings during the holidays or summer, I will jump at the opportunity.

  17. Renee DeFour Avatar
    Renee DeFour

    I am very interested in an internship with Pitchfork Media. I attend Loyola University Chicago. I am currently studying business and music. I would be available to intern during the school year. I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate any information you could send me. Thank you.

  18. maximiliano Avatar

    I am very interested in an internship. Im form argentina Please send me information at your earliest convenience.
    Thank you.

  19. Jason Almazan Avatar
    Jason Almazan

    Music is my dream. I am very interested in this program to build my music knowledge, and one day be succesful.I would gladly appreciate it if you would send me some information.

  20. Casey Halliday Avatar
    Casey Halliday

    I have recently come across your website about needing an intern for this summer. I have taken classes including Electronic I and II, Video production classes, and I am currently learning the ways of the radio system at my school, Eastern Illinois University. I am a senior Speech Communication major with a concentration in radio, film and television. I am highly interested in working with anything that has to do with media and having fun at the same time. I am moving to the Chicagoland area this summer so location would not be a problem. If you need a resume, I have one available upon your request. I hope to hear from you.
    Thank you,
    Casey Halliday

  21. Lindsay M. Nickol Avatar
    Lindsay M. Nickol

    Hello Ryan,

    I am currently a fifth year student at the Universtity of Northern Iowa studying art with emphasis in graphic design and painting. I am looking for an internship in graphic design. I am planning on moving to the Chicagoland area after graduation and am willing to do so for a paid internship. I am a very responsible people-person who is capable of multi-tasking. I am currently a full-time student with three part-time jobs, one including monitoring a graphic design computer lab. I would be available to go to work for you starting mid December. My resume is available to you from my URL as well as my online portfolio. I will be more than happy to send you a cover letter at your request or any other information that you will be needing. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you,

    Lindsay M. Nickol

  22. Hello
    I’m going to a commuinty college in Ironwood MI and then I will be transfering to a unviersity and I’m interested in an intership for music and acting. Do u have summer interships for music and acting and is it a paid one.

  23. You’re all college students! Can’t you see that the man posted a link. All you had to do was click on the link and then send your resume and cover letter over to the people at pitchfork. You also had to live in Chicago. You silly kids!!!

  24. Alessandra Avatar


    I am attending Lawrence Conservatory of Music in Appleton, Wisconsin, and I am very interested in a summer internship relating to Vocal Performance in the chicago area. I would greatly appreciate any aid in finding a paid internship involving vocal performance. Thank you!!


  25. Hello Ryan,