Finally — Someone Gets It

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  1. In an answer to the major label discount plans, Commuse has launched the Indie Hot 100 ~ quality indie CD’s for only 5.99

    The Indie Hot 100, recently launched by the ‘might be small but makes a lotta noise’ label Commuse, is currently seeking indie artists with a quality product, to be featured in the Indie Hot 100 List on the website. For free. Cos it’s the indie thought that counts.

    This week’s new entries, selected by the Indie Hot 100 are: Epoxy CD from Washington DC, the Go Kustom music compilation video from Seattle and the Irish Unsigned CD from (indeed) U2’s homeland Ireland.

    Also shining in the List are quality indie CD-products by Zach Ziskin (Florida), Erin Hill (NYC), Red to Violet (Holland) and more…

    Are you a music fan? Check out the site to listen to these quality indie artists.

    Are you an independent artist, selling your quality indie product for only 5.99? And would you like to be featured in the Indie Hot 100? Send the requested info (check listings on the site) to Commuse.

    After listening to your music you might just be added to what is likely to be the best answer to upcoming major label’s discount plans: and that is to offer a quality indie product for even less, for only 5.99 US dollars.

    And YES, it’s a free for all service. Indie artists can keep all the money from every sale and there’s no set up fee or small print. It’s just a way to get the best indie music to music fans everywhere. Indie Hot 100 ~ quality indie CD’s for only 5.99