RockReview (for our friends near Philly)

Lehigh Valley RockReview: Demo Critique Panel & Contest
Tuesday, October 21, 2003, 6:00 – 10:00pm
The Sterling Hotel
343 Hamilton St., Allentown PA

The Philadelphia Chapter of the Recording Academy will present a Rock Demo Critique Panel and Contest geared specifically for the Lehigh Valley and Pocono region.

Submit your original music for the Demo Review! A panel of artist managers, record company, and radio professionals will critique pre-selected submissions during the Demo Review. One winner will be chosen to receive a prize package.

Submit your demo!
Visit for more information and a Demo Critique Entry Form.


One response

  1. Hello, my name is Jesse McCormack and I work regularly for Stewart Lucke. I have been helping him with technological aspects of his music from website design to computer composing and other tasks.

    I wanted to give you access to Stewart’s website, If you have time to open it, there are several short length videos of an airplane. There is a camera mounted in front and a mirror which is spinning on the front of the engine causing two-way coming and going videos.

    If you have time, touch on
    Have I Told You Lately
    One Night With You
    That Just About Does It (He also does all
    these songs an octave higher in falsetto with equivalent

    You will hear Stu singing. I am quite sure you will realize his unusual voice. If no interest, you will enjoy the videos. Stu is the only one who does these things in the world. Stu is looking for a place to sing and does not know how to go about it as yet.

    If you have any time, a reply would be nice.