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Some housekeeping…

Because we’ve been getting deluged with comment spam, I wanted to reiterate our public comments policy.

Comments are generally left open on our posts. That means, we WANT you to participate. A few ground rules:

1. Your comments should move the conversation forward, and any URL you post should direct viewers to your personal website, your company’s website or a relevant link. Comments that just say “ditto” or “I like you” will be assumed to be comment spam and removed.

2. You MUST post comments with a verifiable name/nickname AND valid e-mail address. Comments from “a reader” and/or comments from a forged address will be assumed to be comment spam and removed.

3. We will and do leave comments intact that don’t jibe with our own opinion, as long as they are within the above guidelines. Comments that are deliberately personally hurtful or comments that are unnecessarily profane or obscene will be removed, but posters will be contacted and given an opportunity to reframe their comments in a more constructive fashion.

Feel free to use our comments area to promote your band, your book, your cause, your whatever — please simply abide by these three requests.

Thank you!

-Joe T.

P.S.: Posters who violate these requests more than three times will be invoiced a $500 removal fee per incident, subject to professional collections action.

Edit:  Feb. 2, 2007: Policy Item #4. At the discretion of the editor, we may remove from comments any links or contact information related to companies with whom we do not wish our readers to do business.

One response

  1. I worked with Talent 2Gay!!!! STR-8 taken!!! I have never been so angry with a company in all my life. I pray for their demise… If I rise from the ashes, I am going to make it my mission to let everybody know what kind of smoke this company blows!!!!